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About: Soft Suggested by Google Test Editors As usually, AlarmMon woke 27 million recipients up worldwide today. Our alarms never turn off until you clear the release. We'll hold bothering you until you jump out of bed! Reason why we are no.1 in alarm genre - Its not just an alarm clock. Its a gotta-have, special alarm release! - Noisy alarm, quiet alarm, release alarm, video alarm, voice alarm, idol band alarm We have them all here! - Even if you fall speedy asleep, it goes off until the battery runs out! Gotta-have alarm release for morning! Your own celebrity alarm - Imagine your favoured kpop star waking you up each morning! - VIXX, Lovelyz, OH MY GIRL and another kpop stars will be there for you in the morning! Different alarm types - Different hero alarms including Small Farm and Travel Time! - Celebrity and idol band alarms to be released quick - Its too noisy! It m ... Show more
Genre: Lifestyle Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 13MB Developer: malang
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AlarmMon - Free Alarm Clock Reviews and Comments:

Finest alarm ever!
~ It's Sparkyplays
nice release to run my day
~ muqsit bramantiya
a nice run
~ Sukitta ACT intelligent
This is the only release which helped me wake up in time , thank you originators . But should you please contain BTS members in too.
~ Sainand Revankar
the only release that wakes me up. 10/10 thank you very much for creating this.
~ Sandokan Thyme
its nice especially after working 16hrs and have to do it again the next, that RUSTER is Loud
~ Gadgeto Gudamu
Its so beautiful and very simple to function. I have no problem waking up early actually.
~ Anousha Sharma
Thank you so much for for creating this release!! It supports me wake up so much better, and I'm almost never late! 😊
~ A Google user
it wasn't ring. idk what happened but it's not. this release made me late for the first day i'm using it.
~ hamuza putera
this wakes me up,i have tried a lot of alarms but this one is the finest.i choosed the song butterfly by red velvet,then pick my time at 04:10 am,and seriously just obtain it!
~ A Google user
I loved it, but recently I barely use it. The headphone mode in bluetooth got fully broken, and it will test the alarm as loud as it can for both of my headphones and the speaker. It gets extremely frustrating.
~ trying -miserably-
Third day using it and it didn't ring! I set more than 3 alarms. Why it didn't ring?! So frustrating.
~ Nur Syahirah Mamood
there's a bug after newest modernization, the release keeps testing even after i solve it
~ luma al-ayyoub
I downloaded it immediatly, thinking that I can obtain bts, blackpink, got7, exo, redvelvet, stray babes (etc.) members should wake me up, but there only was a several selections. I was disappointed to only see a several kpop bands to pick.
~ HannahBanana
ILove this alarm it is beautiful for an old lady
~ Paulette Oestmamn
Im using it for years but it doesnt ring these days... When are you going to fix it?
~ Koco yin
very buggy. it took 5 mins for me to unblock my device and stop it from ringing
~ Selena Desire
Wake you up in funniest idea possible. Nice release!
~ Wahyudi Wibowo
thanks for this release because of this release i usually go school on time
~ HUNter Of PUBG
I am fully obsessed. This release is great...so many options, so adorable, perfectly tidy & professional in appearance AND operation... Thank You So Much for this guys !! I will never not help you! 😺😃♥️ EDIT: The only trouble I seem to be having actually is, I can no longer change the alarm -sound- that I would like to have set to every alarm. It really sucks, because in each another idea, this is my favored alarm release, I was even about to switch from my beloved original favored..but iunno ;(
~ Butterfly-Bliss-x0x
I've woken up instantly😂 It's a nice alarm and I like it😘
~ Cin Parnphairin
at first I thought that the K pop voice is available for nonpaid but it requires us to buy.
~ khaerul haris
unbelievable release did you appreciate and please add newest informations also😅
~ Pankaj Yadav
I really love to use this release :)
~ Jhayleen M.
Still using it and very useful.
~ Yuswardy Fatah
it supports me to continue my life! seriously
~ Nurul Fajriah
I love this alarm it wakes me up and the releases are even better. I am a very dip sleeper so knowing that i have an alarm to rely really calms me down thank you so much AlarMon.😍😍😍😊😊😊😊
~ Hatty
i like it and really dose wake me up unlike my alarm!?!?
~ Elizabeth Rodriguez
Nice, usually wakes me up in the morning
~ Mr. Mooman
I really don't know about it it's very childish and they don't have bts or black pink so it's a waaye of time but if you really like it then it's your opinion
~ Chloe Maillard
great and loud ring tones with different tones that'll definitely wake you up by startling you.
~ Edward Sims
Unbelievable release. Especially when you're using PICO. Woke my entire block up when it goes off
very beautiful and constructive idea. i want the releases were a bit more challenging.
~ nala
Nice release for Waking -Up or Setting Reminders. The different alarms types are nice for all ages. It is fun and needed. And in the several years I have had the release, customer service has been very prompt in addressing any questions or troubles.
~ Rory Beaudoin
I love this alarm but it doesnt pop up anymore when an alarm goes off. I have to go into the release and turn it off that idea. it used to pop up but it just stopped working. any concepts of what I can do to fix it?
~ S B
I like the model of this apps, this is for support me and at that moment i wake up , also i love this 💕🤞🏼
~ Patty momo
mm mmjh h jujitsu the first to know that the company has the most part of my dudes, but it will not sure how I am going through my correspondence is the first to know that the company has the most part of my dudes, but it will not sure how to obtain the chance 3rd, but it will be a nice time to time and dollars. if you are not the intended for use on a newest one. it is the finest. if the 2nd. I am going to be able to do you think of the finest idea. I am going to obtain the finest. the only thing is that it alarmon
~ Geethaleela Srinivasan
A nice release, for anyone in to kpop. There are many informations within it, and the release gets you to really wake up in the morning, with the choice of both adjusting sound volume and vibration. Hold up the nice work :)
~ GWSN Groo: Crystal - Eternally Support All
I've had this release since highschool & still use it actually for university. It was the ONLY alarmclock able to obtain me up out of bed. But recently I've had troubles because it continues to ring but you can't cancel the alarm until you forcefully OPEN the release. And when you DO launch the release it STILL doesn't directly stop the alarm because it freezes the screen. It used to pop up on your screen right away to turn off but after the upgrades it's be glitchy..please fix this!! I wish to hold using this release
~ Jaclyn
I'm sleep like a rock. No cap. Like an actual rock. My mom usually claims that there should be a fire going on and i still wouldn't wake up lol. My parents usually have to go to work ealier than i wake up to go to school and ive been using this alarm since 7th grade. I'ma be in the 10th grade actually. This alarm is the only alarm that wakes me up and i can't express how thankful i am that this alarm exists. If it didn't, i have no concept on how i would wake up to go to school daily. I suggest!!!
~ Jae Tha Slime