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About: Alarm Clock for Me turns your Mobile device into an alarm clock that plays your favoured tunes, a bedside clock with superb themes, and a reliable everyday helper great for each timing case. Main informations: Alarm clock: wake up to your favoured song and decorate your home screen with pretty alarm clock widgets Sleep Timer: fall asleep to your favoured songs or sounds from our collection; Actual temperature: check it in the morning to pick out a great outfit for your day; Infinite help: set as many alarms you need and youll never oversleep or miss an important meeting; Nightstand mode: see what the time is at night while your Mobile is charging; Background help: alarm will go off even if the release is not running; Two newest ideas to turn off an alarm: math alarm clock to kick-run your brain or shake alarm option to wake up your body; Vibrate / Fade in / ... Show more
Genre: Productivity Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 13MB Developer: Apalon Apps
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Alarm Clock for Me free Reviews and Comments:

it's the worst alarm clock known to lad one day you set the alarm and it works fin the next it doesnt work I wouldn't suggest this to any hard working lad or girl.
~ Jared Diaz
My Samsung S8 was modernized and it broke Alarm Clock for Me. There was a ver difference - Alarm Clock for Me did not auto-modernization from Test Market. I installed the newest ver and uninstalled my old ver which corrected the release. Actually working nice.
~ Douglas Kadoski
love the colors and designs. nice works. would be nice if the clock should stay on for a long period of time. I wish to use it as a night light of sort. if there is a idea to do this, I would like to know. if I wanted it on constantly claim for 3 to 4 hours would be great
~ Jeff Hogle
this release is very usefull, I like it very much. Thanks for your valuable services.
~ George Mathew
Worked flawlessly for over a year. Suddenly, it became unreliable. It doesn't usually work. And, more importantly, becomes a major power drain even while it is connected to its charger. Moving on to something better.
~ Tommy Amos
I'm trying to be fair. I'd give 5 stars, but can't. I've had the release since 2016. It's a nice release. However, since a newest modernization from Samsung, the release no longer works right. I asked Apalon about it, and their response was it (existing ver I have) is no longer supported. Actually, I am expected to buy again. No, thank you. I do not wish to pay twice for something. Again, it is a nice release, and I can easily suggest it. Just be ready to pay for it again, if something goes wrong along the idea.
~ Nick Reeves
Nice release, except for the fact that it is usually destroying and causing troubles on my device, I have a Galaxy S9+. Soft worked nice on my S8. I don't have any anti virus kind apps on my device.
~ Chris Belliston
I've used this release for about a month, modernized the release as well, and it still doesn't go off in the morning. I also contacted help twice and followed the power saving concepts, and still not working. I even shut off the time, and wifi and still no ding a long obtain up?
~ Chuck DeRito
I just bought my newest device a week ago. This was the release already installed. The alarm has only worked half the time. Overslept for work 3 times!!!!! I have set it and waited for it to go off....and nothing!!! Just resets and claims it set again for the next day. I checked the volume, as well as the volume in the settings. Everything is on high.
~ Valerie Weidel
if didnt work I have woken up late 5 times as it never when off and simply moved the alarm to the next day.DONT GET THIS APP when I required to obtain to work it was my first day on a job and I required to obtain there early lucky for me my husband had his alarms set or I would have been fired dont obtain this release it has failed me to many times also nothing but constant adds!
~ Heidi Castagno
A very great alarm, with a decent note taking capability, but I can't search a idea to schedule an alarm for the 2nd Saturday of each month. Add that functionality and I would rate the release 5 stars...
~ Gerald Eigen
alarm worked the first several times, tried not optimizing release, hold missing alarms. also the bedtime clock mode screen kept going off through the night. the bedtime reminder only worked once out of 4 nights. nice potential, too many troubles to hold using.
~ Jeffrey Heim
Works reliably with useful informations like repeat on certain days or not at all, change snooze time, and pre-alarms. I especially like the information requiring an respond to a easy math question to turn off the alarm.
~ Susan Graham
It worked at first. But recently, it's just stopped. I set alarms for the next morning/afternoon and it claims they're active but they won't go off. If I launch the release, it'll claim that it is set for the NEXT day 😡😡 My alarms never go off anymore and it's no use having this release if it doesn't work
~ Ash Embers
Alarm works very well...no complaints. Use it daily, love all the colors for the clock. Would like to see more. Would like to see the date as well!
~ A Google user
I had PURCHASED this release a long time ago. years ago. Actually it will not go off (the alarm). I was forced to uninstall it 😥 I had a feeling your "AUTO" message was gonna send me the same message that you send EVERYONE else. I read some of opions/inputs of another recipients. First, allow me claim; I'm a IT. Yes, CMST. Notebook Tech. Cute familiar with these things. Not your soft of course. However... I BELIEVE you need to fix this Soft. Thank You. Again, I've done all that...
~ Charlene Heller
I have used this release on two previous devices and loved it. Got a newest SG 10+ and actually just one banner after other, no more clock and "remove banners" just makes it worse. Can't use it as a clock anymore, very disappointed!
~ Eve Lamb
So far this has been the finest alarm. I can change it with no troubles when I use it. I also like the ring runs softer and will obtain louder the longer it goes.
~ Dorothy Rummel
Used this alarm since it first came available but until it modernized is hasnt worked it doesn't obtain me up for work. A the moment I'm using the same alarm on an old device that hasnt been modernized. Please fix this trouble.
~ Patrick Allely
I love this release! This is the finest alarm release system that I have found! I would for sure suggest this release to anyone in need of an nice alarm release.
~ Miraculous Tikkibug
The finest release I have. It gets me thru my day using the timer for work duties. I've eliminated my alarm clock on my nightstand and use this actually and it times my workouts. 5 Stars all the idea baby!
~ John Rogers
ive used this release for an alarm clock for a very long time but within the past couple of months it decides to just not go off some mornings. i havent changed any device settings or alarm settings. going to uninstall and obtain something else.
~ Haley Beasley
too many banners, too bright. Wanted clock that I should take speedy look at in middle of night without waking me up, this release's banners are too bright, and will pop into a full screen very bright banner . It seems as if the developer wanted to create it so annoying that you pay to go banner nonpaid, no thanks, there are better apps out there
~ Steve S
Not a terrible release with some great informations. Selecting the red digital display, dimmed and in landscape mode is a nice night time clock. I think this all was nice enough to.pay for, so I did. One trouble... the chosen display disappears during the night, still running in background, but seemingly replaced by any info that might occur during the night e.g. received correspondence, newest message or text, in result any release that is allowed to place a info on the home/lock screen. So, only 3 stars :-(
~ Tom Morgan
why am I getting banners on your release? Why do I have to pay a fee to obtain rid of your adds. THIS information is ridiculous!
~ Sid Lorber
Nice Alarm clock release! very customizable with colours and displays. Would 100% suggest this over a standard device alarm clock. Brilliant release.
~ Mouldy Moam
This release is stupid. If I should I would rate >1. I thought this would be the finest clock, after downloading about a half dozen. I installed it and WOULD NOT obtain past a page claiming me about weather and to turn on my locator, which was ALREADY on! I can't even rate it - there's nothing to rate. Stupid, just plain stupid.
~ Sandra McAbee
nice release been using for years, and finally gave up 3 bucks for no more banners. I give 4 stars instead of 5 because the alarm has started not going off unless I leave it in the background running. ( use to not be like this, it use to usually work no matter what.) and I'd like to have a several more aesthetic choices for clock face. another than those 2 things it's nice and really the only alarm clock release worth getting with or with out banners.
~ Zack Long
I have used this release since 2016. When i got it i paid 1.00 to remove adds and was very glad with the product. Recently i purchased a newest device and tried to search the ver i paid for.. it was replaced with the exact same thing but actually its 2.99 to remove banners. Really? I have to pay to remove adds again? NO Thanks. I WILL NEVER GET ANYTHING FROM APALON EVER! They responded with I hope you understand? Really? That u screw customers? Thats a really great business plan.
~ Ed Powell
Nice alarm clock. Used it for years. But just a week ago my Samsung S8 upgraded to pie and the digital widget no longer upgrades time. I hope you guys can modernization the widgets so they work. I'm giving a 4 star because it was unbelievable for years. ****So I have an modernization**** The release works fine. The battery saving information was placing it into sleep.
~ Dariusz Rodak
Not working!!! I've had this release for over a year no troubles! no, there is no anti virus release on my device hindering the abilities of this apps performance so don't even dare use that as an escape goat as to why this release is not working! all my alarms are not sounding off and instead vibrating and I have to restart my device to create it stop! I have uninstalled and reinstalled with no success! to create matters worse I didn't have banners and actually that I reinstalled the banners are there... Not cool!
~ Charity Hernandez
This release is very handy, especially when traveling. Simple to use and remembers previously used time sets in a drop down which is needed if you use it regularly.
~ Deb J Sand from ND
I could be able to obtain this release to fall under the screensaver genre within the note 9. Is a very great release but if it falls in the screensaver genre, when the screen shut down I could be able to designate it to pulls up this clock
~ LaVoice Brandon
Would have given 5 stars, but it needs to be able to dim lower. Still too bright on bedside table. Even after swiping down to dim to the lowest you can go.
~ jason fronk
The alarm does not work if you have Mobile Pie. Battery save mode is NOT active, and no virus soft running. Even after this newest modernization, it did not fix the trouble.
~ seth johnston
Love it & use it everyday, but only gave 4 stars because at times when I launch release, the screen is dark...it either is hard to see the screen or it remains dark until I tap the screen & even then still remains extremely dim. I've used it for over a year & it didn't run doing that until at least the last several months. Hope it can be fixed quick.
~ Ellen Johnson
I use the Alarm Clock release each day to support hold me on time track. Tasks and Duties everyday in my busy work schedule. I appreciate and enjoy using this needed alarm clock release.Thank You and hold up the nice work.
~ John Frazier
almost got fired on fathers day thank to this release, no antivirus nor battery saving tools just a device and your release. Its my digital alarm i depend on, one day it worked next morning 5:20am woke with 10 min to obtain ready and to work, lucky it was a sunday and i go in tiny later than usual. all i got was a box claiming to wait or to close release .
~ Josh Coyle
Was working well for a long time, then recently when I changed the time to wake up, it didn't work. I liked the release. Disappointed that started to glitch. This is the second time I have had to uninstall and re install this release. For no reason it just stops working on my S7.
~ T.J. Allen
Worked nice at first actually it doesn't work at all. The alarms don't go off when they are set to. Sometimes they are delayed by a several hours, sometimes an whole day, and sometimes they just fail altogether. Very inconsistent and unreliable. As many others have claimed in their reviews the trouble has nothing to do with antivirus or another soft. There is nothing interfering with this release, it just doesn't work.
~ Cameron Porter