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About: Slay zombies, form alliances, and lead human civilization back from the brink of doom in this zombie walkthrough MMO! The zombie apocalypse threw humanity into the dark ages. Actually, YOU are the light in the darkness. SURVIVE by raising heavy armies of machines, explosives, and gritty human army. REVIVE civilization by slaying the zombie hoards, rebuilding your castle, rescuing refugees, and bringing newest global prosperity. THRIVE by forming alliances with another commanders from around the globe, crushing your rivals, and seizing the Capital so YOU may lead the newest age of humanity! Because in Age of Z, the walking dead may be a danger but human schemers and backstabbers are the true threat! SURVIVE - Recruit, innovate, and kill! Build heavy armies of human grunts, aggressor machine guns, and high-tech laser cannons. - Heroes victory the day! Recruit special character ... Show more
Genre: Strategy Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 89MB Developer: Camel Games, Inc
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Age of Z Reviews and Comments:

So expensive to test and upgrade and the recipients are so rude and bully. Don’t waste your time trying contact help you will never obtain a response.
~ Heageo7
Their customer "service" just destroyed the entire experience. Ridiculous.
~ Dane Altivo
This release is just slog through unrewarding 'quest' to build a higher lvl building. After testing for two days, I still have seen the target. You dont now control any form of war. You simply 'built' the units and then send it out. If they loose, who cares. You dont loose the armies. The only nice part of the release is the graphics. The controlls are not even consistent. Some screens act as pop ups and go away when you click off of them. Another close when you click on a 'Back' button.
~ Clifford Dickinson
release test is simple and it's fun! the Graphics are nice this release is nice for the zombie slay types plus the mutations are nice in detail the artists that place this release together did exalent work
~ David Prosser
It's alright. kinda of slow test. i dont spend a lot of dollars on these releases. I am sure if I did test would be faster. power ups are not sufficient use them all up to test to obtain ahead and slowed back down again slow long test reason for 3 stars.
~ Layne Griggs
Great release so far, been testing for about 2 months. Its a typical Zombie walkthrough kind release. They have place some thought into this release, and added some things to separate it from the rest. Your dollars seems to go far too. Lots of cool users as well.
~ Matthew Crane
overall the release idea is nice but through terrible developer choices and a very toxic community in release, this release is not recommended. release is tilted in favor of the top users with meetings rewarding them even more making them impossible to compete with. tiny alliances stand zero chance of growth. top alliances all ally together and limit growth of users and alliances by continual attacks which are not limited btw. release is broken through terrible release mechanics and development choices.
~ D W
I really enjoy this release, the only trouble is the release keeps booting me out, and its not because of my internet, thats why only 4 stars.
~ Racheal Hinds
Everything is too tiny. I thought this was going to be a defense release. Not what I expected this is like all the another releases so that are like this updating, recruiting, buying more equipment the fights are not really fights ..you just watch... no thanks.
~ Jeff D
at the end of the day it's just stupid top down builder with the primary theme of a zombie apocalypse it's extremely scummy that they have to lie about their release with their banners if they would just be honest I would be less critical, it's honestly no different then countless another releases like it I can see how it can be fun for some recipients but this company has no confidence in their release so the steel footage from another releases and place it in their banners for this release, fully don't suggest
~ Michael Cmar
I've been a fair user and had a nice ambience within the release, I've bought some deals you offer in release but when one deal arrives incomplete and I ask through Google test shop a refund you flag me as a dishonest user for the usage of third-party apps, and dare to penalize me by zeroing my resources and downgrading my progress without even taking a proper look? You really are the worst
~ Enrique del Paso Garcini
it's an ok release for what it is, want there was more of the fighting inside your castle though. expect lots of waiting.
~ Kyle Scofield
i have been playin for a week actually and allow me claim you its very nice , its a bit boring when u have to wait for the updates and equipment but if u can manage your gold and resources you can do almost everything without waiting , but the release should obtain a bit better with some tricks to how to use some of the equipment in the release like how to obtain prosperity lvl minimal equipment that would create a large difference , but really nice release very addictive love it !!!!💙
~ Rui Granja
I'm writing a 1 star review because their newest meeting forces users to give 5 star reviews in exchange for an entry into a prize draw. They are also artificially trying to raise their ratings by only giving out community boxes if their rating goes above 4.3 stars. Please ignore all the 5 star reviews they have only been given so the users can obtain boxes. They aren't actual opinions.
~ Luke Thomson
This is the finest fight release i ever played. Nice experience and you really need smart to test it. Everything for me is fine, the only thing i feel not pleased was the builder to upgrade your building. System give you one, the another need to use gold. I'm ok to use gold but only 2 was not enough, hope this part able to improve. Product name: JT弑神 , Globe #42
~ John Tan
They refused to refund upon not receiving one of 6 boxes I bought. I provided the needed receipt with the one order number, date, cost. Because I did not obtain the box, they claimed they should not search it or refund. Test Market refused as well, so AoZ just got nonpaid dollars. Terrible business practice. I will not buy boxes again.
~ Ginger Magers
False advertising; the Fb banner that hooked me was clearly showing a turret defense release. This is NOT a turret defense release, and none of the gameplay in the banner is present in this release. That same video was used to advertise other identical release of even lower quality. Otherwise the release is fun and decent quality for what it is. But using a misleading video on Fb is shameful and dishonest.
~ James Clement
Nice release. If you wish my honest review it is the typical castle build and grow release, which is not terrible but should improve alot on the building time and making the updates a tiny easier for non spenders. Overall nice not nice also some of these 5 star reviews are fake and they just wish to obtain rewards. In my opinion give it a test and play it for yourself. You can meet users from around the globe and war alongside every another in the same alliance.
Beware of bogus 5-star ratings, the greedy Camel is promising a pittance in rewards if users give it 5-stars. That some recipients would now give such a rating is a testament to how greedy the Camel is and how much it's releases are strictly pay-to-test, leaving users tiny choice. If you really wish honest feedback Camel, create the release cheaper to test so recipients that can't spend dollars on it don't usually leave. Substantially increase in-release rewards. Even use of a shield here costs $30/month.
~ Ant Russell
This has to be one of the fun and complicated pay for test releases I have come across on small. Yes you can buy things to do better but you are being constantly rewarded which supports hold you testing. The meetings are newest, weekly and very attainable. Rewards are giving off as indivduals and clans, so you usually have a chance at nice loot. Gild test is brings a nice community aspect. This is the first small release I have continued to test for more then 2 days. Download and see! Killprill3
~ Frank Prill
There is so much to do!!! I still have to upgrade to obtain better military units and hardware!!! And there is a lot of things you can do in your spare time like hunting zombie bunnies and attacking another cities in your zone!!! But one thing that you need to fix is where there usn't a bunch of premium deals on the testing screen. Can you please create it to where you can press a button on the screen that takes you to the deals so I can now see better? Btw my name is CorbynSplashes nice luck...
~ Corbyn Splashes Live
The finest release ever! Join an alliance and build smart. Starting out is simple. But you need to gather as you build, as well as do rallies with your dudes. Investigate everything in your castle before you run to ensure you search what every building etc has everyday quests, Black Supermarket and another options. Before attacking be sure you can defend. Work with your alliance and grow. And if you're not glad with the alliance you pick, look for other one. Beware! This release is highly addictive. HOLLYWOODTSR
~ Robert Spencer
I heard recipients claiming that Camel Products is giving rewards to recipients who give 5 stars, which is cute pathetic (I'm trying to support this release have a terrible rating). You earn high ratings with a nice release, not bribing recipients so others will install. It makes you look extremely desperate. I've seen an banner of this release, I feel lucky that I didn't fall for a pay-to-test castle growing release that some claim is toxic. Create honest banners at least.
~ Temporarily Dead Channel
Nice fun, simple and satisfying. Can be a bit of a grind-- that's okay though cause it doesnt force you to buy what you need.
~ Curtis Montalbano
everything expensive. hard to obtain high lvls RSS. long time to upgrade and research. graphics sucks. the color of release animation is sucks everything almost same color. king's small a idea better
~ ahmed belal
pay to victory, whales spend variety of dollars and have 5 large alliances that destroy each one, not fun, now its a cute stupid release.
~ Tony Hardy
Nice job guys. i do really like the release . but just like you force recipients to pay to obtain ahead. 100$ in release currency per star. pleasure doing buisnes with you.
~ Seth Nichols
Nice release. Needs a cap on how much loss you can take in attacks. I never pay to test but saw the value in spending a tiny dollars in this release. Got destroyed in just a couple days and lost most of my investment.
~ Charlie Keller
Edit : after customer service finally got in touch things were resolved fairly quickly Customer service nonexistant.... A server ruin resulted in me losing in release gold... Contacted customer service multiple times with no response. Its a shame because I have otherwise enjoyed the release test and interactions with another users...
~ James Chan
Dont steal gameplay from red alert 2 and claim it is gameplay from your release i own a copy of C&C Red alert 2 so dont have me call EA on you. Remove all banners that dont present how the now is. If you have an honest trailer of your release more recipients will be more likely install it and test it.
~ VoidCup Entertainment
i really just got a question to actual true users of this release.did anybody else search it an trouble at the beginning of the release to adopt to give the release complete access to basically anything they wish as far as my devices id servers etc. among another things? its just the first I've had a release ask for so much.yeah! a several of them things yes but that list was a tiny much invasion for me.am i wrong
~ Geoffrey Bolger
hi where do you getting off claim me how many messages i can send . you do have the right to claim me when i can talk or message. i have the freedom of speech and ill be see you court . and the release keeps kick me out each five mins. fix it. ih sorry you're olny interested in recipients's dollars bunch of hacker and scammer.
~ Fw Anderson
modernization: reinstalled. WON'T LET ME OUT OF TUTORIAL TO LOG IN! I HATE GAMES THAT LOCK YOU OUT OF OPTIONS & FORCE PLAY! PROBABLY UNINSTALL IF IT CONTINUES!.....In release name breezee. I love the release. Mini releases to launch newest zone sections is brilliant! Graphics are cute nice! Chat...is different, WHEN I POST A COMMENT& IT GETS A DIRECT RESPONSE...I DON'T GET A NOTIFICATION. &OVER ALL CHAT IS JUST A BIT "BUSY".
what prevented me from giving me 5 star rating is: Prepare to spend dollars here after you reached 1/3 of the idea of maxing out cause it gets so expensive later, the deals and speedups on the market is not worth the value; there could be more than that cause it's giving Tiny result on my base, there could be user coordinate system which can tract down users where they located concurrently, also please buff up the rewards it gives after killing zombies it's definitely not worth it currently.
~ Mahdin Meraz
Not as advertised. Kept seeing a turret defense video banner with this release. Got my base to lvl 10 to unblock "turret defense" and this release has nothing to present for it. Its a base builder release. Been a growing trend with developers lately to advertise trending content that doesnt exist in thier release. You guys gotta hang out with EA cause youve been the next largest disappointment in my time testing releases.
~ Clayton Kautman
im giving this 1 star as we have a squad member that had Fb troubles and lost their profile. 5 recipients have contacted them about it and no response in 5 days. other member just had all their equipment taken due to fraudulent transactions apparently. no help for recipients that need it but steal equipment from recipients that pay heaps $$ I have spent thousands. obtain your priorities right or no one will test! ALSO EVERYONE PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL REFERENCES TO POOR / NO SUPPORT ARE NOT BEING ADDRESSED BEWARE!
~ Joshua Nelson
this release is WAY BETTER than you're ever going to expect. Ever since i started testing, I GAVE MY KIDS THE XBOX BECAUSE I'M HOOKED ON THIS GAME. Finest handheld EVER !!!!
~ Christopher John
when it gets terrible... it's truly poor... initializing could b 2 seconds and it has been 3 days without the release loading. I can test any another release requiring an internet connection with no troubles but this release refuses to load. I was in the middle of an alliance merger and I have no concept if it happened or not. release is nice when it works, but u r SOL, when it doesn't!!
~ Mario Vento
Your release is too invasive for my personal stats just to test a release with its sole purpose is to accumulate personal stats and Dollary and you're looking for that in the first 2 to 3 mins of the release, claiming it's for my benefit, that's Bull, this release does nothing for my benefit, but everything for yours, reaching into my pocket for dollars and my life history for your personal use without my knowledge or permission, I'm deleting this release I have enough of my life on your spy release servers. WAE
~ William Edwards
There is NO CUSTOMER SERVICE in this release. Having log in trouble and being leader of alliance many members and my self have message customer service. It has been days with no response. This is a large waste of time and dollars if you test here. One thing goes wrong and you will be on your own. Played many different releases and customer service has been nice to terrible on them but this is first pay to test release with NO CUSTOMER SERVICE RESPONSE at all. Save your time and dollars and go test anywhere else.
~ Jeff Holland
absolute trash... the developers restart all my progress back to the beggining and accused me of using a third party box loader after I bought the wrong box and asked for a refund... developers are not replying to my correspondences. 2 days and no replyfrom the devs and I spent a lot of dollars on this release.. avoid this release at all costs!!!!!
~ Liam Caulfield