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About: Afterlight is the great photo editing release for speedy and straight forward editing. Our easy design, paired with potent and snappy softwares, will give you the look you wish in seconds. 15 ADJUSTMENT TOOLS Use any of our 15 uniquely made adjustment softwares to enhance your photos to perfection with ease. 59 FILTERS Afterlight has 27 completely adjustable Original Filters, 14 Guest Filters by different Ig players, and the newest Seasons filter box including 18 filters. 66 TEXTURES Afterlight contains a range of true and natural light leaks we created with 35mm video and immediate video, to simplistic scratchy video textures. CROPPING & TRANSFORMING TOOLS Crop your pictures with our speedy and simple cropping software with 15 different presets. Transform your pictures with our rotating software, vertical and horizontal flipping softwares, and straightening. FRAME ... Show more
Genre: Photography Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 35MB Developer: Afterlight Collective, Inc
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About: Lens Flare filter is an effect thats been so over used over the years, its become something of a clich in digital illustration. Until now, photo filters have been limited to what someone else has created for you. Enlight - Optical Digital Flare helps you easy to create thousands personal lens flare photo filter with only one touch on a button. Through an endless combination of colors, blends and textures to create stylish effects like vintage, light leaks, gritty textures and high contrast bl...

Developer: Zinila Nguyen [email protected]

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About: Sweet Snap lite is a fantastic selfie camera .With those fantastic beautify tools, Sweet Snap lite helps you to get a flawless skin selfie. With various live face stickers you can take selfie with friends and share the photos to social platform. Use powerful beautify tools to get a prefect selfie easily and quickly. High quality Real-time Filters for selfies, landscapes, or any occasion. Professional photo edits with a few taps Thousands shiny effects and stylish face filters to br...

Developer: Ufoto [email protected]

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About: Couple photoshoot ideas - some couples choose to have their Couple photoshoot at the place where their love story started, like a coffee shop or old monument where they use to meet or a garden or a place they love visiting. Pre wedding photos are one of the best photos you can get from your photographer as couple & photographer Couple photo pose ideas - some couples choose to have their Couple photo pose at the place where their love story started, like a coffee shop or old moment where...

Developer: Framography Apps [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Sweet Camera - photo editor, beauty effect Alternatives
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About: Introduce you Best Sweet Selfie, a air camera developed by Ufoto. Life is fun, life is with Ufoto, just read more to find out the all in one functions as you want. Once you get best sweet selfie, there is no need to worry about your selfie and photos, you will become a selfie-genic among your friends! LETS ENJOY TAKING and EDITING Photos! Real-time Skin Beautifying Effects for air camera Natural & radiant complexion retouching Exquisite face feature & contour reshaping Adjustable sk...

Developer: Ufoto [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Photomontage Collage Alternatives
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About: Now with DreamPic the Photomontage editor and Photo Collage, you can unleash your imagination and create simple and fun photomontages to entertain your friends. Your photomontages and photo collage will be enriched with stickers and themed images for all tastes. You can create photo montages and photo collage to send greeting cards or postcards of love to your dear friends. You can combine your photos and create photo surreal. You can add text in different fonts and color. Size, overlay, r...

Developer: Dreamers [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Pitbull HD Wallpaper 2018  Alternatives
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About: Features:- 1. SMS, Email, multimedia messaging, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Viber, line, 2. Easy To Use. 3. Save your favorite images to your mobile, tablet, note book, and computer. 4. Save images as wallpaper to your mobile, tablet, note book, and computer. You can send Email to comment on [email protected] ....

Developer: jsapps [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Photo Art Effect Pic Editor  Alternatives
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About: Photo Art Effect has many amazing photo effects and filters and contains all of the most commonly used image processing functions, simple operation that anyone can easily use. Turn your photos into Art Effect that look like real paintings, with varied beautiful color palettes and sharp brush strokes. Best Colorfull effects to your photos with Art Effect camera. Art Pic editor : Features Art Pic Photo to Oil Painting Photo editor Cartoon photo editor pencil sketch paintings Photo ...

Developer: Pic Magic Editor [email protected]


Similar Apps Like Write Name On Cake Birthday Alternatives
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About: Send Birthday Wishes to your friends and family with there "Write Name on Birthday cake". You can chose from many different types of cakes, and events like Birthdays and Anniversary cake or create your own cake and share with your friend family and love one. Name on Birthday Cake lets you create personalized birthday wishes by writing name or your personalized text on cake and you can also set your photos on cake. happy birthday cake with edit name and photo let you create by own. Ha...

Developer: standardApp [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Under tale Wallpaper HD Art Alternatives
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About: This app for Undertale Fans , Do you like Undertale game ? , Sans , Chara and Asriel ? Undertale Wallpaper ans Sans wallpapers 2019 HD Art New provides images for Undertale game fans. Undertale Wallpapers HD is an application that has images for Undertale fans. Provide Best wallpapers HD with 3 collections of Undertale BACKGROUND Wallpapers: undertale memes free fanart genocide , pacifist, chara frisk , flowey , asriel, papyrus, sans mettaton Toriel Asgore The Human Child gaster all charact...

Developer: Anime Games Studio [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Photo Collage Maker: Pic Editor Stickers & Filters Alternatives
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About: Photo Collage Maker is the latest photo editor app for Android users that helps to combine multiple photos with various frame templates, grid layouts, filters, effects, stickers and photo grids. Select photos and instantly create a photo grid with photo collage maker app. Photo Collage editor is the best photo editing tool for all social networks. Combine many photos into one special photo collage and help you to create perfect photo grids. Be your own photo editing expert after using our pho...

Developer: iTech Solution Apps [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Crear Videos con Fotos y Música- Guía  Alternatives
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About: Ests buscando editar un video? Quieres crear un video, pero no encuentras las herramientas necesarias? Necesitas un video con acabado profesional? Para que le des solucin a este y otros inconvenientes que se presentan al momento de crear tus videos, te presentamos CREAR VIDEOS CON MUSICA Y FOTOS Gua. En esta aplicacin encontraras las mejores referencias para crear tus videos y que estos tengan un acabado profesional. Aprende a editar imgenes, las cuales son clave para ...

Developer: Pensamientos millonarios [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Bike Photo Suit : Men & Woman Photo Editor Alternatives
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About: * Bike Photo Suit Photo Editor is a Collection of Bike Photo Suit app with Best Pic Editor Tool to Keep Your Memorable Pictures in Suit. Bike Photo Editor is Free Professional Bike photo Suit application for Android. Various Types of Bike Suit Frames in This App and Create Bike Photos Suit Editor. * Both Handsome Men and beautiful women Love Bikes. Adjust Photographs of your friends into cool Bikes photo frames decorated with fireworks, shining lights and express your creativity. This Photo E...

Developer: Vector Design Art [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Watermark Stamp: Add Copyright Logo, Text on Photo Alternatives
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About: Watermark all your Precaptured Gallery Photos in a variation of - Trademark Logo , Copyright Logo, Brand Logo and many other to protect your pictures being stolen and misused by others! The fascinating part is that you can even add a Personalized Text Signature (Text on Photo) or Phrases of Words (Photo caption) on TOP, BOTTOM, LEFT or RIGHT Positions next to Logo. Check out this HIGHLIGHTS to make your Watermark look more appealing! Changeable Watermark Logo Size Adjustable...

Developer: Master Apps Lab [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Make Me Perfect - Body Shape, Photo Editor Alternatives
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About: "MakeMePerfect - Body Shape, Photo Editor" is the best photo editor for body shaping. With body shapes tools, you can enlarge breast, enhance hip, shrink waist, slim face, increase height and slim body. Do you want to quickly fix your photos to give your the perfect body shape? Get the tight figure, show off your slim physique, have the blissful vibe. Get Sculpted Legs, Arms, Butt, Breast, and Abs, look amazing in your bikini while vacationing. "MakeMePerfect - Body Shape, Photo Ed...

Developer: Photo Editor Apps 2019 [email protected]


Similar Apps Like VLOG Camera - Best Vlogging Cameras for 2019  Alternatives
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About: Looking for the best camera for vlogging? You're in the right place. Very useful app for video bloggers! Just try it. Simple pause play camera recorder. VLOG Camera app has feature of video motion tool which helps to fast forward or slow motion your videos. Record Video Now, and get more subscriber Features: => Option to auto-stabilize so your pictures are perfectly level no matter what => Expose your camera's functionality: support for focus modes, scene modes, color effects, whi...

Developer: Fyber Inc [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Congress Photo Frame Alternatives
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About: Indian National Congress Flex Photo Frame Editor 2019 app that fulfill your highest requirement for edit your normal photo to Indian National Congress Flex Photo Frame Editor 2019 to design your photos with valuable massages and attractive stickers. This App that includes all functionalities in single app which are provided in different top downloaded apps. In Our App Indian National Congress Flex Photo Frame Editor 2019 Includes Amazing Frames With awesome functionalities: - Congress...

Developer: Andresmanly [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Logo Maker 2019: Create Logos and Design Free  Alternatives
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About: Logo Maker 2019: Create Logos and Design Free is a free logo maker for entrepreneurs, small businesses, freelancers and organizations to create professional looking logos in minutes. Get a free logo for your website, business cards or correspondence. Our user-friendly editor will help you create the perfect logo for your business, sports club, organization, etc. in just a few clicks. Simply select a template from a variety of options, edit your logo until you are completely satisfied, and downl...

Developer: Cute Wallpapers Studio [email protected]

Similar Apps Like The Camera Alternatives
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About: It is an easy operation camera. I photograph it with image file, the digital camera which photograph it with a camera in the past, and are stored and I choose saved image file and behave to Google Drive as if I photographed it with a camera. It is recommended at such time. *Though I want to post the photograph which I photographed in the past on SNS, contribution application has only a camera photography function and cannot choose the image file. *Though I take a picture right now and want...

Developer: AroeSoft [email protected]

Similar Apps Like DSLR HD Camera : 4K HD Ultra Camera  Alternatives
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About: DSLR Camera : Ultra HD 4K Camera Blur Backround Photo editor app is your ultimate Blur effect app. Now, you don't need a DSLR camera or you don't need be a professional photographer to make a DSLR Style Blur Background effect on your Photo. DSLR Camera : 4K HD Ultra Camera app has lots of photo blurring,bokeh tools. Using them you can easily make your own DSLR Bokeh Effect. It has manual and shape blur features. Use your finger and touch on unwanted part of your photo that you want to blur a...

Developer: Kings Tech Soft [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Fans & Followers for Tiko musically  Alternatives
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About: Free app you will get like Fans & Followers for Tiko musically. Fans & Followers for Tiko musically Download for Free app you will get the results like Fans & Followers for Tiko musically....

Developer: Andro Games Studio [email protected]



Afterlight Reviews and Comments:

No upgrades and no Afterlight 2 for mobile? I feel terrible for Mobile players...
~ sεηsει ηυΓυ
It makes you feel like a pro .. like am not kidding it makes the picture 100 times better than it was before .. am loving it
~ A Google user
~ King Don Angelo Mari
i only use it to crop pictures and its a true life saver
~ Billie is cool
Almost great. I'd love to give this release 5 stars but no option for adding fonts. Hope you'll consider this on your next modernization.
~ Mitchy Bueno
I loved this release.... Until it took away filters I've usually had and held them hostage for Fb likes. 😤 Stinky.
~ Katie Suratt
After the first use it claims, Error! It seems you haven't downloaded the release from the shop.
~ Deus Duran
this is one of my favoured release its so nice and i love the retro and vintage vibe
~ h e y i ' m z e l l e !
Love this release! Can we we obtain a 90s time stamp information?! 👍
~ Hope Hasan-Kunovac
Where is Afterlife 2? I guess you guys just dont care about Mobile then?
~ A Google user
Thank you, it's a easy-use picture editor (which is clerly a lot of work though), it's what i seached😊
~ Mariah Swan
sucks compared to ios as i purchased afterlight 2 on my ipad this is so primary cant do any thing nice.
It used to have to pay to download this release and actually it's nonpaid? This is so unfair. I like this release but why is it unfair?..
~ Emily
The newest modernization claims this release isnt downloaded from the playstore. Please fix it.
~ ibrar yousef
Can you add an optional digital date that we can add or remove from the picture?
~ Diana
Honestly the finest release for any photographer or anyone who loves to edit pictures, definitely a 5 star ❤
~ A Google user
overall i love this release, BUT i would love to have the filter that iOS player have aswell, i don't obtain why ya'll create such a difference in your apps
~ Tabea
can you be fair for mobile players. Create the ver 2 available for mobile players with the same informations as the ios ver please.
~ Danzi Glam
No upgrades since 2014 on a paid release. Receive your head out of the a** of Apple and do something with it.
~ Semi 9993
Mobile players also deserve Release 2, it's unfair that only IOS players are privileged with it. Mobile players can also pay!
~ karolyne Medeiros
It's a nice picture editing release for filters and making very vintage photo. But this release is really old and Afterlight 2 is available on iOS actually. Hope to see that release come to the Google Test Market quick.
~ A Google user
The iPhone ver of this release looks nice, but the Mobile one is sadly lacking. The controls are idea less intuitive, and many informations are missing: curves, selective saturation, selective lightness...I would love this release if we got the same informations as iOS. When can we obtain these, guys?
~ Anna Nigma
The release works well on iOS but the Mobile ver is not as player friendly. The rotate software is not smooth or precise. I still use it but want it was on par with the iOS ver.
Sometimes there's a chance where I can't place filter into my pictures. It keeps loading and loading and loading!!.....
~ Jerico Tablan
Just downloaded this release and all I obtain is a black screen no option to add one of my pictures to edit , just 3 icons on the bottom of the screen,, i - camera - settings ,if anyone can support I would love to test this release until it works only 2 stars , I am using a galaxy tab 2 10.1.
~ A Google user
It's been 3-4 years you have not added nothing on here no upgrades is just horrible the UI is not modernized you haven't added no newest filters no newest nothing no newest frames you don't even obtain regular or used for upgrades recipients obtain tired of the same old thing change it up
~ Carmelia Grant
I can't seem to launch this release for a long time. it keeps claiming me that I haven't downloaded the release from the shop, while it literally exists in my Mobile system. what is going on?
~ firazlar
I came from iPhone and really loved AfterLight 2. I got excited to continue to use that release on Mobile but I'm sad because the release was never modernized for Mobile. Can you guys please version AfterLight 2 for Mobile
~ Michael Aguayo
Iphone ver has idea more informations and options than the mobile ver. Why would I pay the same amount when I only obtain half of the release? On mobile you only obtain 3 preset filter collections, whereas on iphone you obtain about 5, disappointing
~ Sophia Julia
nice release! I want there's afterlight 2 on mobile too! afterlight 2 is 🔥. I tried afterlight 2 on my iphone and I loved it.
~ omsim 000
Used to have it on iPhone, moved to Mobile and went back few years with this release. I obtain it's a tiny squad but at least modernization the release to be the same lvl as iOS's Afterlight 1 if you aren't going to give Mobile Afterlight 2. It's a waste of dollars in comparison and I think it costs the same despite being few versions behind Afterlight 1, allow alone Afterlight 2. It doesn't even have the ability to keep press to compare edits to the original picture. Filters missing. Crashes a lot. So many glitches. Total disappointment.
~ Amy Rice
It has nice filters but whenever i confirm the filter i wish, the filter doesnt apply on the picture. i've tried doing it multiple times actually.
~ Jmtct
In my iPhone, I used to rate this release 5 stars because of the Afterlight 2 but when I switched into mobile I noticed that there was no Afterlight 2 and this release is outdated... So disappointing to claim but I expected a lot from this release and it didn't hit my expectations as compared to another editors... Please have us the Afterlight 2 in Mobile
~ Andy
Very very nice release!! I love all the options you have, especially the dusty and light results, you really have multiple to pick from, I'm glad I found this release! :D
~ Asilux
Straight, straightforward release with a gigantic range of results that look really natural and are completely adjustable. I would have liked to have seen perhaps a preview of the Immediate Video box (even just on a demo picture) but I purchased it and I was not disappointed. Nice job guys!
~ Lalita Love
I bought the bonus filters and frames years back, and actually they've been removed and are asking to like the release on Fb, and repurchase to unblock filters which have already been paid for. Swindling doesn't fly with me. It seems the release has been abandoned and they're doing what they can to dupe you out of your dollars. The photo quality translation is mediocre at finest, anyway. Two thumbs all the idea down.
~ A Google user
Very average picture editor release. It does the very minimum to be considered a "picture editor". Only a several filters, primary editing softwares, nothing nice.
~ Rick Knutsen
I recently switched from iPhone to Mobile & was really disappointed w this release. On iPhone, you can swipe through pics before choosing a picture & when you're editing, you can tap on the picture to see the original to compare to. I didnt realize how much a difference those informations made. Mobile doesn't have either & you have to run from album view and then scroll through anytime you wish to change to a different picture. "clarify" is much nicer/clearer on iPhone too. Its all muddy on Mobile😣
~ Elyse C
I am kinda concerned because it has been a long time no modernization has been available! i know my dude who uses it on iPhone has another filters than mine, on Mobile! I don't think that's fair. I mean its nice and all but please UPDATE it for everyone so we can enjoy everything all of us! it has hit a plateau!
~ Maryam KH
I used to love this release, but the newest ver is not nearly as player friendly as it once was. when going back to preview photos, the release takes you right to the top of your photo gallery, whereas it used to remember its zone in your photos. you also used to be able to scroll through your pictures in the release, but actually you have to go all the idea to your gallery and plan through loads of photos. Please bring this information back!
~ Kristiann Boos