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About: Adobe Acrobat Reader is the nonpaid global standard for reliably viewing, signing, and commenting on PDF documents. VIEW PDFs Quickly launch and view PDF documents. Explore, scroll, and zoom in and out. Select Single Page or Continuous scroll mode. ANNOTATE PDFs Create comments on PDFs using sticky notes and drawing softwares. Highlight and mark up text with annotation softwares. View and reply to annotations in the comments list. WORK WITH OTHERS AND SHARE PDFs Quickly access documents shared for viewing, review, or signature. Collaborate with others by adding your comments to PDFs sent to you for review. Obtain activity info for files youve shared for viewing and review. Track pending actions for documents shared with you. Easy share PDFs with others by creating feedback you can send by correspondence. WORK WITH SCANNED DOCUMENTS Easy access sc ... Show more
Genre: Productivity Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Adobe
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About: Simple Calendar (Calendar on your launcher) is a calendar app designed for "rooted", and low-end devices with minimal Google Apps installations. It allows you to schedule and get notified about future life events. Root permission is not required. Features: - Schedule future events at specific times, and get notified. - Sticky notifications to remind you all day. - View past events....

Developer: Kipple.me

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About: One Calculator is an All-in-One, multifunctional calculator app packed with top-notch calculating functions that not only meet the requirements of basic calculation but also deal with more advanced calculation scenarios. For those perplexed by some specific math problems, use One Calculator powerful AI photo calculator to solve the math formulas for you with nothing but a quick shot by your camera. Basic but Useful For basic calculating needs including addition, subtraction, multiplication ...

Developer: LED Flashlight – Super Bright Strobe

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About: Sectograph (S.Graph) - A time planner (time tracker) that visually displays a list of cases, events and tasks for the day in the form of a twelve-hour circular chart - the dial. The application will help you sharpen the sense of time and visualize the day. HOW IT WORKS In short, this is the Calendar in hours. This is a timer of affairs, for the exact organization of time. The planner works as an analog clock widget. It automatically receives all events and tasks from your Google calendar...

Developer: Laboratory 27

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About: Best and latest Life hacks for Day to Day Use Hacks that can save your life. Technology hacks for Google, youtube and facebook. Money saving life hacks. Party and get together hacks. Shopping Hacks. Cooking tricks and hacks. Heath and fitness tricks. Food and Drinks hacks. Survival Hacks. Brainy hacks. Copy and paste anywhere. Share with friends Easy to use. Best app for Hacks....

Developer: delhi six appz

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About: Monitor network printers from your mobile device with the free Universal Printing Assistant (UPA). Check printer alert conditions and operating statuses with a tap, whether its a low/empty paper tray, low toner/ink or a paper jam. Get printer notifications automatically via email and/or notifications if a printer enters an alert state. Whichever printer you prefer HP, Epson, Canon, Lexmark, Xerox or more UPA can monitor your printers status. Ink and toner running out, paper jams and mor...

Developer: Thinxtream Technologies Pte Ltd

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About: monthly calendar free. organize your events. simple calendar app. you can easily schedule events. organize your appointments, birthdays, special days and Holidays. display calendar event. showing the days of year. write note on the calendar. customize the color of the text and background. - for event planning and task management. - option to delete note. - easy to use. - modern design. - use for free!...

Developer: Adcoms

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About: HabitShare is a social habit tracker that allows you to track habits with friends for extra accountability. You can use HabitShare alone, but it works best when you add friends. With HabitShare, you have total control over privacy. Want to share your exercise habits with your running club and other habits with your family? No problem! You can even keep a habit 100% private. Selected friends can see your progress and help you stay motivated. Hopefully they share some habits with you. In Ha...

Developer: Luke Bickston


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About: See the live Events currently in the ConferenceBeat app. Browse the event information and set your personal schedule as well as search for friends and colleagues attending the event and add them to your contact list (favs). Find you way around the exhibit hall and the venue with in app maps. Receive up to the minute alerts regarding the event pushed to your Device! Start in current Events and then go to your event to sign in and get started!...

Developer: ResultsAtHand Software

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About: Calculator with no-nonsense user interface: - Has all the essentials - Negative and positive (+/-) button - Inverse (1/x) button (Negative and positive calculator; calculator with negative sign; Negative number calculator)...

Developer: Pluribus Web LLC

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About: The easiest way to share big ideas and watch them grow. When you plug into simplicity, you make it easier than ever to bring people, content and ideas together. With ClickShare you can share whats on your laptop or mobile device, on a presentation screen, transforming a meeting into a complete sharing experience with a single click. No cables, no set-up, no waiting to join in. Meetings keep their flow and you keep your cool. The ClickShare app allows for simple and intuitive content sharing w...

Developer: Barco

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About: PD NextGen is a last mile frac sand, chemical and equipment management software used for ordering, dispatching, tracking and reconciling products from origin to destination. The system allows collaboration among E&Ps, oilfield service companies, sand suppliers, logistics service providers, terminals, carriers and drivers, all of whom benefit from the network effect of a common communication platform and real-time streaming data with which to base decisions on...

Developer: BulkTracer Holdings, LLC

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About: Simplify printing from your Android device for organizations using PaperCut NG or PaperCut MF This app makes it ultra easy to print to any brand or model of printer. Your network administrator has done the hard work for you by publishing all available printers, meaning you dont need to worry about anything other than installing this app and printing! For the Administrator OK so if youre read down this far, youre probably a real techie and likely a Sys Admin! Hello friend :-) If this...

Developer: PaperCut Software

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About: Create, play and share self created games with friends and others. Quickly and simply drag and drop your game together and play it on every web enabled device. No coding required and free to use. Are you an artist? Create your own graphics and upload them into our cloudspace or host them yourself. Quickly place them in the game and edit them on the fly. Are you a game developer? Quickly drag and drop your game logic and import dummy art from our collection of graphics. Are you a sales m...

Developer: Islandworks B.V.

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About: Wear Todo - it is very easy and amazing app to store your todos in your smartphone or Android Wear. Wear Todo can help you to make list of your todos, you just click on the icon to record your todos and we will keep it in your Android Wear or you can create it in your smartphone with your habitual keyboard and send it to your Android Wear via bluetooth! With Wear Todo you will never forgot things which are really important for you. We try to help you organize your things in one place w...

Developer: The Black Orchid


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About: Plays all VCE question types, Standard and Case Study Based exam file types - Retake and Continue exams. - Review marked and incomplete questions. - Open VCE files directly from the Internet. - Editable favorite remote places. - Take a range of questions - Take a random subset of all questions - Take questions answered wrong a number of times - Share exam scores A+ VCE Player installs itself initially as a demo version but you may later unlock it to be fully functional by purchasin...

Developer: On-Labs

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About: Picniic is the family assistant that helps families become more organized, productive, and connected than ever before. Picniic is the best family organizer. Featured by: CBS, Forbes, USA Today, Time Magazine, Product Hunt, and The Boston Globe. Picniic simplifies family life so you can spend more time doing what you love, and less time organizing it. All family members (mom, dad, kids, caregivers, etc.) can easily access Picniic via phone, tablet, and web to keep everyone organized and on the...

Developer: Picnic Labs Inc.

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About: Are you ready to give color to your calls? - You can use a different call theme for each person. - Color Your Call is very easy to use!...

Developer: Mobimore

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About: Getting many long WhatsApp voice messages? Using TalkFaster you can speed them up! Accelerate voice recordings of any app that supports file sharing. Speed up voice messages, speed up podcasts, speed up music - the sky is the limit! Features Listen to voice messages in 6 different speeds. Skip silence. Listen to voice messages without notifying the sender - no more blue ticks! Use every instant messaging app that allows file sharing....

Developer: Jonathan Roizin

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About: Minimalist black themed note taking app that saves as you type. The app has been made with AMOLED devices and TVs in mind. The app has been tailor made to ensure minimum download size, an AMOLED friendly layout and requires no permissions. Features the same interface as and our firefox extension named "Take Notes". Works on all smartphones, tablets and TV's....

Developer: Vishnu N K

Similar Apps Like StatusPro - Status Saver & Downloader  Alternatives
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About: With StatusPro, never lose another status update from a friend. This is a status downloader for WhatsApp which can download status photos and videos to your phone. Once saved, these statuses are not lost after 24 hours and you can keep them as long as you like. You can also share and repost WhatsApp status that your friends post. Did you see an interesting video as a status? Download and post it as your own status! How to use StatusPro 1. Open WhatsApp, got to Status and view as many ...

Developer: Fabrica Utilities



Adobe Acrobat Reader Reviews and Comments:

this release is nice,it was useful but there's a bug usually showing "the release does not reflow" in reading mode please fix it in the next modernization
~ Vinson Persie
I hope the developer squad will add tab to launch multiple pdf files in one release like notebook. This informations will benefit for tab player experience. Thank you.
~ Mohd Norishamuddin
Too gigantic on my ChromeBook at 287mb it is huge Soft. Xodo PDF reader release does better faster job and now saves my highlights and edits, this Reader is buggy and does not. Searches are incredibly slow in textbook pdfs. Uninstalling it. Sorry!
~ SweetPete SweetPete
It's fine, I just want I should be signed in to to accounts on the release and switch between them. I have a personal profile and a school profile and I wish to hold those documents separate.
~ Charity Reed
the largest trouble with the release is the pinch or double tap to change font size function. i have no clue why they didnt add that to the drop down menu. instead what you use to scroll and change pages also messes with the font size. youll spend half the time using this trying to obtain it to work properly. it will change the font size when your just trying to scroll and whenever your now trying to change the font size youll be stuck sitting there for 20 mins because actually it just wont change.
~ Periah Scarlet
Nice PDF viewer, haven't seen any bugs yet. It would be nice if you should improve the find algorithm so the speed of searches would increase. Possibly implement caching?
~ James Larrowe
By mistake i had done a subscription of adobe originator pdf yearly. I only wish it monthly. Thats why i named them but they did not response to refund my dollars back . Please look towards my trouble.
~ monika jain
i installed the release but had to uninstall it straight away as it asked me to enter my date of birth. i dont expect this from these kinds of release, if its important for them, just verify age.
~ Sajid Siraj
No target in installing other release just to read a pdf document if it does not let printing password protected files; when default google pdf viewer lets you do the same in just one click. I don't understand why it is restricred on mobile if it is allowed on PC. It's fully useless as most of my documents are password protected which need printing too.
~ Aniket Dhage
works well for me, but I can never sign the documents when finished....this causes me to have to switch to paper, as I am not tech savvy or have dollars for another tools...
~ Jennifer Zaichenko
it works well but should use improvement. some documents need to be downloaded before it will launch them. to do this i usually have to uninstall adobe and reinstall it after its downloaded.
~ Kevin Nelezen
I subscribed for editing and combining pdf and all I obtain is a failure often I test to combine files. I have tried everything even contacting Adobe help squad which they give me no support at all. I would wish a refund because I really wasted my dollars here
~ Areej AlGhamdi
Wow, intuitive ai with all the informations I wish when viewing documents, whether it be textbooks, financial or legal documents, or leisure reading on my device, this release renders beautifully and allows for annotating and signing, makes my life variety easier
~ Jorden Terrazas
since newest modernization I can't access document cloud. i just obtain an error message claiming me to check my internet connection even though my connection is fine. i launch acrobat, go to files, then document cloud, then the file i wish, and obtain a message that claims "error conennecting to document cloud. please check your internet connection." modernization: uninstalled and reinstalled, and actually works fine.
~ Jereomy Calkin
It's been nice using Adobe Reader. Flawless UI across iOS and Mobile. Particularly love the Reading Mode information, however, it can use some improvemets when reflowing scientific papers with formulas. Would give it 5 stars if Reading Mode should handle PDFs with formulas.
~ Victor Ruelas
It's very hard to transport (typed) texts without triggering the resize function. The older ver was very player friendly with the exception of the centre-pop up text box for the kind function. This was solved in this newest modernization. Thank you! However, if possible, please create the "text box" for the "kind" function, easier to transport without having to accidently touch the four circles at the corners. Furthermore, if possible, please create the edit function readily available w/o clicking the "pen" symbol.
~ S. Desember
Why do I need to sign in? I just wish to view a PDF. I don't care for your "Adobe Constructive Cloud" or whatever. And when all was claimed and done, I couldn't even launch the PDF I wanted to in the first zone. Terrible experience, don't suggest.
~ Erik Cappuccio
3.5 used to be nice but just like everyone &thing theve briken up the service and youre actually charged fir what once used ti be nonpaid i still use at times but nit like i used too. if efax gibes me what i need all in one then im changung . it would eaiser fir all in one one price and affordabke i hate youve changed if what you had before worked and business was there why do you change to tge greed side ? i can guess sales went down this charging for this and that is really greedy how sad
~ Alli J
Not able to launch several files, no content will appear, e.g. if I launch a lab report only lab letter head another parts are visible, but the typed characters will be blank, same can be opened with Google PDF viewer or any related apps. Even password protected file also not able to launch.
~ Rama Rajan
This is a really nice release, bar none. Unfortunately, I've had to unistall it because the newest Mobile UI has made the release a battery eater. As I claimed the developers, I will reinstall this release first once the Mobile Samsung battery trouble has been fixed.
~ Just Another User
I cute much use adobe reader for alot of files, its speedy efficient and shows everything, I require of the release. It saves the hassle of hunting down, tools to launch correspondences and saving bills for later use, i just click the option, launch and great copy of what ever im viewing.
~ Karl Reisima
Nice release. I am a student and when my teachers send worksheets in pdfs to solve it becomes simple for me to switch frequently between my device and tab as I use cloud storage. The information of marking is nice as I needn't take a printout to solve them but it is glitchy when it comes to typing.
~ Samriddh Singh
I have been using this reader since 7 years. But I don't understand why you wish to switch orientation for better experience. If I need a better orientation I will do it manually. It's very annoying Usually 😑. Four stars slash for the gigantic annoyance.
After the newest modernization, it is not possible to share multiple files. Please bring this option back. Also, after this modernization, the find option is not showing the number of find effects.
~ gayathree vinod
why could I have to pay for something for a entire month that's not working on my device, I canceled my subscription but Im stuck with something for a month that doesn't work and actually I'm out 10 buck, thanks for nice customer service...
~ Patricia Jordan
Been using about a week and so far so nice! No pop-up's or banners, simple to figure out. Been very needed, I was doubtful but turns out to be idea better then I thought itd be! Would like to know if it has territory tagging though?...
~ Melody DeLeonardis
Better experience with Adobe Acrobat reader. its is very needed for everyone as a student it helped me so much! i really liked this release. we can edit pdf contents such as underlines, highlight, crossmark etc and it have nonpaid draw facilities on a single click, and its really easy to take, just nice. Thank you Adobe for a such nice Soft
~ Rahul Jith
Cute much the finest reader out there. The night mode will save a lot of battery too. It lets one use a stylus to mark, draw, add text, and soo on (also S-pen compatible) and save. Multiple display options,... Of course, nothing is great, but this reader is worth the 5*
~ Alex Savulov
I hold on trying to pen a feedback via Adobe on my unisa correspondence. But it gets to Adobe and it's lost... Can't search it... Evrytime u click the feedback it takes me to the install Adobe reader display.... Showing uninstall or launch... But where the letter I'm trying to launch from my correspondences.
~ Bongi Zukane
EXCELLENT DOCUMENT VIEWER I'm a student and have this really old topics that I need to read, I was worried that it might not highlight the letters of the old document which was, I think, photoscanned and turned to a pdf. BUT GREATFULLY I CAN HIGHLIGHT THEM! Highlighting is one of the finest thing ever here, my books are so colourful, thanks to this release! And you can control the lightness of the colors, create it very light to pastel or as dark as you wish. IT'S REALLY FUN TO USE! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
~ Kathleen Anne Castillo
HAVE and option to write edited pdfs on my SD card. This is the ONLY flaw in your product. All another pdf viewers/readers can do it but the almighty acrobat cannot??? I mean what the heck. Please stop asking us to "save local copy" in your "unsearchable" folder. Just allow us use our sd cards to save edited equipment. Seriously. thats the ONLY flaw. fix this and you can have the finest product available in the supermarket.
~ Jeuxtapose ™
You can't use this release without signing in. Then, when you test to sign in, it doesn't recognise your password. To restart, you cannot use an old password. This means that the next time you sign in and you've forgotton the newest password and the entire process repeats. Why you cannot usevan old password that you can remember is a mystery to me! It's a total waste of time.
~ Robert Speare
Overall Adobe Acrobat is a very hight quality release. It's the most fluid pdf reader I've found when viewing gigantic pdf files like blueprints. However there is one information that I dislike. On some pdf files the release will default to landscape, whether you like it or not. There are no settings to fix this. The only solution I've found is a third part release named rotation control. You can lock orientation on a per release basis.
~ dustin kristjanson
overall nice experience. was able to read and edit a pdf. however there seems to be a lack of save options. i cannot rename a file in the release. while i can save a pdf it loses its edit functionality. this is very important when filling out multple of the exact same form that may need changes later. Add the ability to change the name of a file, copy a file, and save while preserving editable function and its a 5 star release
~ Joseph Siemsen
I can't trust Adobe Acrobat reader has became such a disaster. I downloaded the release and ready to use it, but I was claimed to login. What's the target? I logged in to my profile but found out that I have to change my password, the login was failed. Then I changed my password and login again, and obtain access denied. Even I reinstalled the release and login again, the trouble can't be solved. The stupid release makes me no longer read a PDF file. How ridiculous and stupid are you guys.
~ Runsheng He
Has usually been a 5 star release until actually. Since last modernization release won't allow me send my PDFs anywhere. Either freezes or acts like it is going to then goes back to Acrobat screen without sending anything. I rely heavily on this release so this is a HUGE trouble. Had to convert a file to Word then send as a PDF through Word release. Won't allow me share any files saved to Adobe Cloud, either. PLEASE FIX ASAP!!
~ M. Reed
The apps loads very slow as compared to "Drive PDF viewer". When this all is still showing the product logo, the another release have shown the document. So, why use this? I installed this just scared Drive PDF Viewer cannot launch some docs, but still not yet met one, even the ones with password. I wont use this release whenever I can, frankly. Keeping showing your logo, and allow recipients use another Drive PDF Viewer instead.
~ Ben Lee
Newest upgrades has broke Adobe for viewing files downloaded from Firefox. if you click a pdf feedback from a web page, Adobe automatically opens, shows its downloading the document, the claims there is an error and that i need to download the document first before opening it.
~ Robert Jenna
FOR V. 19.3: FINALLY, my 3,000+page complex multi-lvl heirarchic internal feedback document WORKS!!! click-click-click-click-click-click-BAM! Here we are, right where we ought to be, page 2873. Yes, some material really does require this lvl of access. Tried another readers, with some success, but Acrobat really gits 'er done! (grin!)
~ NICK Danger
With every modernization it's getting worse. Stop asking me to sign in when sharing files. I don't have Adobe ID, and I don't wish one. Respect that and let me to quickly share PDF using Mobile's sharing system and not via yet other needless cloud solution I don't need. Any nice alternative apps ? It's getting ridiculous.
~ A Google user