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About: Join over 4 million recipients who have started on the path to a brighter financial future with Acorns! From investing spare change each day to saving for later with tax advantages and spending smarter, obtain Acorns and grow your oak! FEATURES Invest as tiny as $5 into diversified portfolios built with support from a Nobel Prize winning economist Easy invest over time with Recurring Investments everyday, weekly or monthly and One-Time Investments when you have bonus dollars Spend smarter with Acorns Spend, the only checking profile with a debit card that saves and invests for you Earn Found Dollary from hundreds of brands that automatically invest in you when you market Save for later with Acorns Quick the easiest idea to launch an IRA and save for retirement Grow your knowledge with the finest dollars solution you never got, right in your Acorns release Grow wealth o ... Show more
Genre: Finance Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Acorns
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Acorns - Invest Spare Change Reviews and Comments:

i think its simple and self efficient. nice idea to save for retirement and introduce beginners to the trade supermarket. Has many different informations that are player friendly. also love the fact that you have access to your dollars at anytime. I give it a 5 star for sure !!!
~ Jesse Satterfield
Acorns is nice! Not just for the investing dollars part, but because they take the hassle out of things. You don't even realize what a piggy bank really adds up to in a month until you test this. They even have a checking profile card that saves up rewards for you.
~ Hunter Coleman
slick release and on line informations but you cant pick where you place your own dollars for retirement...it bases it on your age and that's it....the further you are from retirement age the more aggressively it invests your dollars...you have no claim whatsoever. Not the smartest idea to invest...
~ Diogenes 287
Soft is nice; investing on this release is not. I pay for the $1 plan, but after 3 months of using the release my performance has been nothing but negative. At a $30/month investment rate, I am below the total amount I have invested. If my performance is negative, why am I paying $1/month for a poorly generated portfolio for me? I have a diverse portfolio outside of this release, and those stocks skyrocket in price for less than $1/month. This is worse than a nonpaid checking profile.
~ Westley Halbardier
had the release for about a month. seemed decent. the round ups were easy and you can track growth. but more glitches are popping up like my funding source becoming unlinked and not showing the transactions that happened. actually I see comments about this release taking out diff. amounts of dollars. doesnt seem legit anymore.
~ Eric Bray
Newest privacy create so that this is a subscription. Terrible transport since the another investing apps are 100% nonpaid. I hate being claimed that this is for recipients who wish to invest a tiny at a time but yet I have to obtain to a million dollars and I am forced to invest and auto debited for the monthly fee.
~ Cameshia Hall
Nice idea to support me with investing and on managing my dollars affairs! Thank you Acorns! I highly suggest this release especially if you are not true saavy with investing or if you like to spend too much dollars. Acorns will cute much do all of your investing for you and support you manage your budget better.
~ Monica Hartman
Having problem with my linked accounts. It keeps linking all of my different saving accounts, not the card specifically. Also, my round ups aren't working properly and I can't even manually add them. Not working at all like I thought it would. My husband and I have different apps somehow?
~ Zakkiyya Anderson
I just love the absolute morons that leave 1 star reviews because the supermarket went down over like a 1 month period. as if that has anything to do with acorns. 1- thinking supermarket returns have anything to do with acorns. 2 - judging returns meant to grow literally over decades (historical S&P growth is 9% annually over any 20 year period) based on literally months and claiming something so ridiculous as "savings accounts pay better" and thinking that makes any sense or applies whatsoever. retards
~ Steve F
terrible customer service! haven't received my debit card or got a response after taking a pic of my address for over 3 months. I can't change my funding source. I've left over 7 messages asking for support and no response. sadly u can't call them. It seems like a nice release bt Acorns just have horrible customer service plain and easy
~ Timtim Fowler
very needed release for putting spare change from another purchases to work in your favor. yes the profile value goes up and down with the supermarket but if you wait and dollars in you can now create a proffit. in tge long term i trust this to be a nice release and a nice idea to invest. def recomend to everyone i know. love it hold it coming.
~ Daniel Echeve
over all a nice app. but there are lot of opportunity to improve. for example there is no clear idea to understand how much is invested how much is my returns considering withdrawals - information missing. No nice idea to search where my dollars is invested how are they doing etc. This is a software for a begginer.
~ Harish Srinivasan
Literally stole nearly a hundred dollars from my profile in less than two weeks. The fraud was reported and I strongly urge you to avoid this tool. Note* I didnt have any recurring payments set up. I linked my profile because it seemed like a requirement. they decided on their own to deduct funds from my profile.
~ Trill Leray
this release hasn't worked for me since the day I downloaded it. it keeps claiming me my password is wrong despite me using the same password to login to the blog. which it's actually not accepting. I tried to recover my password few times and I still haven't received an correspondence... Don't even know if this is working as I have never been able to log in and use the release
~ Briana Thomas
If you are looking for a idea to grow your dollars, look elsewhere. I have invested $275 over the course of about a year. Acorns has done nothing but slowly lose my dollars. I have stuck with it to see if it would improve. I thought that maybe it would take off as my blance grew, so I did recurring deposits. At this target I have no reason to hope that they will ever create my dollars grow. A waste of $1/month to hold the profile launch. I am putting my dollars in a bank where it won't shrink.
~ chrisberockin
Undecided. Today after numerous chats with few agents nothing should be done to feedback my profile. Hours and hours. In newest news I notified Courtney I had each conversation screenshot, the very next response was 'oh, we just had to refresh your profile'. Right actually I am just fruatrated, 5/31 8:15 (still not linked) Another than this I had previously really enjoyed using the release and looked forward to using the spend card. .... WOW!
~ Brandon Johnson
Nice service. The release itself does have some minor glitches but they are usually upgrading it. A lot of reviews are recipients upset at how they lost dollars. Don't obtain into this thinking you are going to earn speedy dollars. it is a service for longer term investing. if you are a day trader this is not the release for you. if you are just getting into investing this is a nice zone to run since it shows you true time how the stock supermarket is doing and how it flows.
~ Jayden Brown
I am very glad thus far! i knew nothing about investing before . This release is SUPER player friendly and idea simple to set up. I love how it invests the difference of the dollar amounts I'm spending. Anyone can invest! the sooner you launch investing the higher the potential of your funds grow. thank you Acorns!!!!😊🤘
~ Justin Schumacher
Not worth it. 0 01% gain and losses of 1.7% you create better intrest on a regular savings without lost or fees. Take you dollars and have your bank do roundup and you have it better than Acorn without any fees or penalties for taking you dollars out. For long term go to your bank and obtain CDs. For short term use a savings profile with some online banking with up to 2% interest. You will lose not gain interest even if the supermarket does nice in NYSE, NASDAQ, or the Cboe BZX Exchange and S&P 500.
~ Eros Imeros
this release is nothing more than a nonpaid savings profile.... and the truth of the matter is you obtain more interest from a bank profile waste of time....i dont even thing they invest anything. if you wish to grow a tree from an acorn your better off putting $5 under your mattres once a day week or month that will grow more than this ever will you will also have quicker access to your dollars.
~ Rudy Harrington
I've been trying to search more constructive ideas to save dollars and this is it. Those several cents that are invested, won't be missed. Some pennies here, some quarters there - it really does add up. It's refreshing to see the amount saved/invested rise, everyday. I don't spend much dollars, nor do I really have that much more to save, but this works.
~ Kaylyn Hunt
I had a misunderstanding of the release function but after the developers answered me everything works well! I will hold using the release .
~ Delfio Cassara
The strangest thing happened...It was a week before my birthday and i was thinking to myself how can invest in the stock supermarket. The same day I was on youtube watching videos when an Acorns banner popped up and at first i was like nah im not doing that..But then i did some research on the company and i found out that they're nice..I mean really nice...I started with i think 10 dollars and in just 2 1/2 months im up to 50.00 dollars..So yes they're nice,really nice.Thank you so much Acorns..
~ Robert Stevenson Jr
The spending in this release is flexible. It's a unbelievable solution for care nonpaid investing. I'm an individual that doesn't have a lot of discretionary income to invest however the roundups and a tiny investment of $50 a month has seen a tremendous growth over the last couple months. I also have Acorns Spend, the card arrived about two weeks after ordering, which is cute standard for most Financial Institutions. It's a nice solid card and a nice idea to have instant access to a reserve.
~ Inderpal Bains
Ive been in contact with you guys for at least week actually and haven't received a response back since Tuesday, I trust. I have dollars in this profile and you guys have not allowed me back into my own profile. I have tried to restart the password, but I am not receiving any restart correspondences either. I was going to bring another recipients in to this release, but actually I'm claiming them to stay away because it's horrendous. I made a tiny dollars at first, but just like the first go around I had with this release, it all go
~ Alex Bovia
im going to cancel this whole service as quick as these transactions finish. no device number to call for customer service. no responses to any fraud inquiries. this is my bank! theres no fu#$ing idea to pull up a transaction! not glad.
~ M.K Rebholz
twice my round ups have been stopped without notice, I've had to re enter my banking information and the second time the release claims my banking information are incorrect when I know for a fact they are not. so I'm not sure how long my roundups have not been being taken out this second time, but I tried to doing online chat and was claimed it was a five minute wait and then I waited and I was claimed there were no longer agents online. you could be able to call someone. this release claims set it and forget it but nope
~ Laurel Sullivan
This seemed like an interesting release so I made an profile. The round-ups didn't process even after a several days, the release kept shutting down the same day I downloaded it, and I set it up to take $10 out on the same day each month and that didn't process either. That is, until I quit the release days later, then it took $10 out that I didn't have and my bank profile was in the negative. The only reason I'm giving it 2 stars is because the customer service lady was great. I do not suggest.
~ Victoria A.
This worked for me in the past but actually i hold getting and error stating that "we cannot connect to our servers please test again later"... oh well... modernization: uninstalled, reinstalled, modernized device (Samsung S10), still not working. same error.
~ james reed
Nice for non-savers. Expensive for savers. If you already invest and save this is cute steep even in a nice supermarket. The more you have the cheaper it is to a certain target. I wanted this to passively grow some investments, but at a weak balance the dollar a month is now a cute gigantic fee considering that's just for Acorn, then there are probably still fees in funds they are investing the dollars in unless it's their own but that's unclear.
~ Brian Green
If i should leave less stars i would. For anyone considering using this release DONT. I had turned off reaccurring funding and they still tried to take dollars out of my checking profile and its cost me (so far) $72 in overdraft fees! I emailed them 2x trying to talk to someone and they dont reply. They ripped me off and based on the another reviews I know they see and reply here, so when yall see this, I WANT MY MONEY BACK! Yall could be ashamed of yourselves!
~ Misty J Lobrano
Acorns really works! I connected my main debit card for round-up savings, and set up minimal recurring investments. I was skeptical, like any newest release, so I didn't take it too serious. After the first use it was just other release I never launch again. UNTIL I NEEDED IT! Recently lost my job and ran into financial stress. I was desperate looking everywhere for dollars! One night it hit me... I have Acorns! Lo and behold, what started as $10 was actually >$100! It felt like nonpaid dollars 🤑 saving's so simple actually!
~ Colby Plummer
The same thing has happened to me actually. My card was declined for a withdrawal that Acorns tried to create in an amount equal to my core amount. What is going on? I'm going to have to pull out and where are the roundups I earned from my checking profile. Over $20 has been taken from my roundups and not reflected into my core profile! Hmmm... may have to report discrepancies to Google safety if nothing is fixed in the next several days!
~ Shari Owen
It probably pays off more in the long term especially with recurring investments but so far I've paid more in the monthly membership fee (only $1/mo) than I've now gained from my portfolio. Since I'm tight on dollars actually I think I'm going to go with putting my change into a savings profile (BofA offers this as an automatic service to their nonpaid savings accounts). For what it is it works nice though and others may see their dollars place to better use with it.
~ David Fasano
since opening this profile I hold losing dollars on investments. You can earn "found dollars" by shopping at sponsored retailers but it takes 3 months for that dollars to present up in your portfolio. It seems like opening a savings profile with a steady apr would be more beneficial. The only true plus side is that they automatically rake dollars out so i dont have to remember to do that, but my bank offers that actually too. Also, it can take up to a week to obtain a withdrawal from the profile.
~ mr. squeaky
Quite ironic that this release will withdraw "spare change" and a monthly fee without verifying your bank profile, however, you are unable to withdraw YOUR dollars back into the SAME profile. Great, so great. So actually that i am unable to verify the "tiny amounts", i am unable obtain my dollars out of this release. Fully ridiculous, beyond frustrated, and will be terminating my profile as quick as humanly possible. If it will ever be possible. That is all, thanks.
~ Brad Traverse
Nice release and cute simple to use with one large trouble - round ups randomly stop working each several weeks. Yes you can just re-connect your accounts, but thats annoying and shouldnt be essential. Fix that major flaw and you have a 5-star experience. Edit: come on, dont blame plaid for this. i use plaid with another products and these cards and its fine. this is an integration trouble with your release and passing the buck doesnt profile for the fact that everyone else who uses plaid seems to obtain this...
~ Will Deegan
so far ive had acorns for 3 months, my retirement is down 60% and my investments is only up like less then 1%. I love the card they send you and the only thing I want you should do was transfer investment funds to your card. you can only send it to a bank card and then send dollars from your bank to the acorns debit card. so it really just adds an bonus step for you. all in all I suppose the release is a nice idea to save dollars.
~ Austin Golembiewski
Don't waste your time and dollars. I picked conservative investing. This gave me a nice chunk of stock supermarket risk combined with half the returns that a FREE savings profile offers and they charge you each month for this genius investing. I saw 1% return over 6 months, banks actually offer 2% plus for nonpaid. The only redeeming information is the round up and ease of adding funds. Guess my traditional bank also offers this for nonpaid, hmmmm, what am I paying for??
~ S Scarborough
Customer service reps at this company gotta be deaf and/or blind, because after sending few correspondences trying to obtain my profile to be activated, I'm yet to hear back from them. Not a idea to "victory" loyal customers if you're not willing to resolve the troubles that arise! Hope someone is "listening" actually! [UPDATE 5-27-2019] After my negative review here about their terrible customer service, the following day they had taken the proper steps to obtain mi trouble resolved. My question is why wait to this target?
~ Jesus Pina