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About: The "7 Minute Workout" is a research-backed workout tool that has become an international hit! Published in the leading research journal ACSM, and then popularized by the NYT, the "7 Minute Workout" is easy but effective. Researchers have picked 12 exercises that are performed for 30 seconds with 10 second rest intervals. This high-intensity training with tiny rest effects in higher everyday metabolism and is the equivalent of working out for over an hour - for only slightly longer than 7 mins. The finest part? The exercises are easy to perform, do not require any equipment, and therefore, can be done anywhere! NO MORE EXCUSES. This release takes this research-proven workout and walkthroughs you through the process. Further, it tracks your effects, and makes it fun by allowing you to unblock rewards as you continue working out. Soft informations contain: - stunni ... Show more
Genre: Health & Fitness Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 48MB Developer: Fitness Guide Inc.
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About: This app is a handy meditation tool for anyone. Its completely FREE (yet open for voluntary donations). Meditation Timer & Log is lightweight, simple to use and has bubbly feeling to lift you up. Practice meditation the way you like it, and we will help you to personalize and keep track of your meditation activities. Anotehr app to use as a meditation timer. have features like start, end sounds with interval sounds. Users also can select ambient sounds to help in focus your mind on sound. ...

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About: aaa...

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7 Minute Workout Challenge Reviews and Comments:

Went for a 20 minute jog this morning an done the 7 minute workout when I got home to add a tiny bonus toning and I couldn't trust how much it made me sweat. The continuous sort explode workouts followed by 10 second rest really gets you! It surprised me and it is simple to do. It really doesnt take that much time so even if I'm running late I should just do the 7 minute workout and forget about the run. This is definitely apart of my everyday routine actually and I love that I can record and track my weight loss
~ jessica harvey
I bougth also premium 1-3. No trouble with classic and premium 3 session. Walkthrough picture and video support me alot to do the excercise in correct idea. But I can not test both video and picture guide for premium 1 and 2. EVerytime i test, the message: Unfortunately, 7MWC has stopped. Please support me with this trouble.
~ Made Yoga
I like it, but I don't love the fact that it costs dollars and you only obtain 1 workout series. In order to obtain the others you have to pay or unblock them. I like that it counts everything and gives you a heads up of what's next during your break with visuals of how to do it. I just feel like for dollars, it could come with more than 1 circuit. Unpaid apps have more workouts than this
~ Katherine Wiseman
I have a regular workout routine, but my son (a body building-fitness freak!) recommended I run running for just a ten minute run in the mornings to jump run my metabolism. I HATE running, so I did this. It's fun and all the trackers in the release create me feel like I'm accomplishing things! Love it!
~ amy king
This release is nice for recipients who do not have much time. Its nice at motivating you to work out,giving you targets to achieve. And you unblock paid for exercises for nonpaid if you commit to daily for certain time periods. I have done my third day today. I ache. Everywhere. But i can claim it is doing what it needs to for true effects.
~ Katie-jane Knott
I am a mother of 2, and before babes I never worked out because I had a speedy metabolism so didn't see the target. But after having babes I have not only struggled with weight gain but with getting into working out. This release was able to combine 12 different exercises with no equipment into a high intensity workout that is doable and only 7 mins!
~ Kayla Roach
I thought it was nice until I tried to download Gift Workout 3 and it won't download. I downloaded and paid for the previous 2 Presents. My credit card was charged the 99 cents for the Gift Workout and it still won't download. I realize it's a tiny amount but the worse part is I have emailed twice to the originators and have received NO RESPONSE. It's one thing for apps not to work, but not receiving a respond is inexcusable.
~ Amy Bladyko
Ok, so I know the entire target is to obtain into a routine but OMG can't I miss one day if I can't even obtain out of bed! Worked so hard and made it to my first achievement, obtain a migraine and I have to run back at square one. Kind of puts me off using it...I think missing one day could be allowed for...anymore than that then yes, run back at the beginning.
~ Kelly Drinnan
The science on which it is based seems sound and the app emphasizes body control over speed, which I prefer. My lone gripe is that the app won't record that you've finished a cycle if you were overly ambitious and attempted more than one in the same set and quit midway into your second cycle. Still, this is a 4.5 release.
~ Mikhail Zinshteyn
7 min workout by Johnson and Johnson (nonpaid) is far more better than this release. I have unlocked once all the exercises waiting for 2 months but due to some reason I had to factory set the device. Actually all the exercises are gone. Actually I have to wait again till 2 months to unblock all exercises. When I have paid the price allow all the exercises nonpaid.
~ azeem imam
Simple to use. I liked that there were videos for each exercise which you should see during the routine but should also look before or after. Once you have learned the exercises you don't need the look at your device, the audio is enough(without being annoying). The bonus exercises are a motivation to hold this as a everyday habit.
~ Pat Nelson
Firstly, I'm not normally one for writing reviews but.....This is only my 4th day using this release and I think it's nice. I work full time and have a cute busy schedule so can't obtain to (or afford!) the gym. This is a nice alternative and I am already starting to feel the benefit. For a 7 minute workout it certainly makes you sweat and you feel like you've done an hour in a fraction of the time. Well worth the dollars in my opinion!
~ Dawn Braham
Exactly what I was looking for, the workouts use different muscle groups and ask you to switch between them with short rests so you never completely come down from the one before. 7 mins seems like nothing but it's intense and speedy. Just what you need to run the day off!
~ Keegan W
This tool is a nice addition to my standard gym routine. I do this everyday in the morning and then 4 days a week I hit the gym in the evening. This is very useful on my off days as I still feel like I'm getting in a solid healthy choice for the day and it energizes me. Also, this is nice for vacations when I'm not hitting the gym at all; makes me feel like I'm not fully bailing on my fitness and keeps me ready to obtain back to the gym post holidays.
~ Meghan Manley
I'm a single mom of three tiny women. I work fulltime and i have my time counted for the day. I should never fit in time for a gym... This release is nice.... AMAZING.... I would extremely buy this release for each single mom in the globe if i should... $3 is nothing compared to the sensational feeling in knowing this ACTUALLY WORKS.... I'm so amazed I'm recommending this to each single person at my work.... And on Fb.... I cannot be more grateful to have found this release..... THANK YOU.... :D
~ Leticia Talavera
I have been using this release for over a year actually and i can easily claim it is nice. Nice workouts. 2 sets + a shower just takes half an hour. BUT there are two things to be to be taken care of on mobile! First is (unlike the ios ver) the workout stops when you lock the screen or switch to a song release. This definitely needs to be fixed. The second: on side-planks, the "half idea" marker could be changed to "switch sides" and given an bonus several secs like in ios..
~ Ugur Vidinligil
Im a busy single mother of 2 who works - so finding time.for the gym.or exercise classes is hard. Being able to do this before my lads obtain ul in the morning is changing my life - i feel nice after a work out, its something i have missed!! Looking forward to working my idea through this release 😎
~ Kirsty Hawkes
Just in topic you're wondering since there isn't a nonpaid ver to test out, there are 3 bonus workouts beside the primary one but they cost $.99 every or are unlocked after 2 weeks, 1 month and 2 months of workouts. I have no concept what's in there bonus workouts tho. You can also customize the timer and randomize which exercises you do. Would be great if you should customize the workouts by choosing different exercises, but not yet featured.
~ Jessica Spencer
Soft abandoned by developer
~ Carlos Garcia
works for me 👍
~ Fred Green
Finest workout release on Mobile
~ WellZy's Magic Wedding and Events Magician
Nice for cardio.
~ Elizabeth Proctor
Very nice release for speedy exercises
~ Bhavana Muralidharan
Please connect to my fitness pal
~ Carlos Mendez
Brilliant release gets the heart pumping
~ sandeep rai
Nice. speedy workout!
~ John Shelzi
Convenient workout on the go.
~ Gaia Rising
Really great to hold you active each day
~ Karen Quiles
Nice release to obtain your fitness life organized and kickstarted!
~ Ziad Khan
just intuitive, handy and effective :-)
~ Marcel Grossert
Nice tiny workout!!! Whoa!
~ T Maultsby
Nice workout in minimal time. great!
~ Niall Marshall
Straight to use and supports me track what I've done in the calendar section
~ Jen Burk
Nice idea to run the day. Set the alarm slightly earlier and enjoy the bonus energy through the day
~ Terry Traynor
It challenges me, but gives me a workout that I can do.
~ Donna Kay
I started using this release 3years years ago when this was still nonpaid, actually its a paid release but I didnt hesitate to pay for it coz I know that this release really works If u will really stick to it. Actually I gained a lot weight so Im hoping to lose again..badly need this release
~ Marlon Catudio
Nice speedy work out for a time terrible working mum... just what the Dr ordered. Would be nice if it had a selection of song to go with the workouts!
~ Matt & Jai Stevens
Downloaded it didn't use it for a year, what a waste. Using it actually everyday and Im loving it. Simple speedy and i feel like it works. Improvements noticeable in my fitness.
~ A Google user
Nice workouts to do in hotel rooms if you are a traveller. Short, sharp and effective.
~ Shelley Simonian
I purchased this release for around £2.99 a several years ago, done it a several times then left it. I suffer from EDS hypermobile kind & I end up in a nice deal of pain after any exercise. I reached a target where I had to strengthen my muscles to support my joints, because I was clicking and popping joints daily and becoming much more stiffer. I decided to use the release again, I'm glad to claim after the first 4 days of use the pain started to subside and I'm actually feeling the benefit.Give it a go & stick with it
~ Whirring Wanderer