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About: 1Weather meets all your weather needs in a easy, pretty box. Track and view weather forecasts and actual conditions for My Territory to obtain true-time upgrades wherever you go, or add any territory you pick. Whether you wish to check the temperature, precipitation forecast, Doppler radar, or simply hold up with the actual phases of the sun and moon, 1Weather has you covered. Plus, its outstanding design, makes getting your weather stats both simple and fun. Why wait? Create 1Weather your weather today. REVIEWS SPOTLIGHT: "#1 Finest Weather Soft for Mobile Phandroid Top 25 apps you could download right actually CNN Tech "The Most Pretty, Information-Packed Mobile Weather Soft Weve Ever Seen" Lifehacker The most pretty weather release weve ever seen Mobile Police Informations contain: Track actual conditions and forecasts for your territory and up to 12 ... Show more
Genre: Weather Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: OneLouder Apps
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About: Weather app Pro will forecast thunderstorm, rainy, snowfall It's PRO version, please try free version first. If it's okay, please purchase PRO. ?id=com.weatherteam.rainy.forecast.radar.widgets With one click to enable GPS location and you receive the weather condition in your current location. Weather provides detailed current weather forecast and weather observation for all world locations, Weather forecast searches for your address automatically, and provides the current temperature...

Developer: Weather Team (forecast, radar, widget, recorder)

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About: Learn how to READ and TRACK a storm like the pros! Be your own STORM CHASING METEOROLOGIST! -Pics, videos, and descriptions of the clues you can watch for when a tornado is imminent. -Complete cloud chart, w/ pictures and Latin names -Detailed explanations and descriptions -Interactive Supercell Storm Diagram -Live Storm/Tornado Tracking -US, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia, and more! -Live storm reports from across the US -SPC hourly tornado forecasts Be your own storm chasi...

Developer: Jason Vance

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About: Local weather KSNF and KODE, Joplin, Pittsburg, KSN, KSNF, KODE, four states, breaking news, weather, severe weather, videos, stories, joplin, pittsburg, missouri, kansas, channel 12 news, channel 16 news, four states local, fourstateshomepage, southwest missouri, northwest arkansas, northeast oklahoma, southeast kansas...

Developer: Nexstar Broadcasting

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About: The KKTV Weather and Traffic App includes: Access to station content specifically for our mobile users 250 meter radar, the highest resolution available High resolution satellite cloud imagery Future radar to see where severe weather is headed Current weather updated multiple times per hour Ability to add and save your favorite locations Daily and Hourly forecasts updated hourly from our computer models A fully integrated GPS for current location...

Developer: Gray Digital Media

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About: With Weather Vane you can easily know the wind direction and speed. You just need to have your device connected to internet. It is simple and straight to the point. After the application starts just tap it, you will get all the information at the screen. Weather Vane does not access any of your data, just the network status and internet. The ammount of internet data consumption is minimal, allowing you to use it as many times as you like without worrying about your data consumption. S...

Developer: haveanapp.com

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About: KOKH Wx is proud to announce a full featured weather app for Android. Features Access to station content specifically for our mobile users 250 meter radar, the highest resolution available Future radar to see where severe weather is headed High resolution satellite cloud imagery Current weather updated multiple times per hour Daily and Hourly forecasts updated hourly from our computer models Ability to add and save your favorite locations A fu...

Developer: Sinclair Digital Interactive Solutions

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About: WCIA 3 and IllinoisHomepage.net is an app about local weather in your area. Follow Central Illinois weather trends and more. If your weather conditions are changing, we let you know the time it will happen, not just the chance of precipitation. Some features the app has: -Weather (including radar, and warnings system) -Interactive radar with up to the minute weather data -Video Forecasts -Weather news specific to Central Illinois -Weather video -Weather photo contests -This app s...

Developer: Nexstar Broadcasting


Similar Apps Like SnoTel NRCS Stations Alternatives
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About: Please check out the Open BETA! Help develop this app. SnoTel Data Map for the United States. Loads map based on your location and shows stations surrounding you. Simple and quick interface. Reports straight from NRCS....

Developer: Jason Flaherty

Similar Apps Like Weather Forecast: Timeline, Radar, MoonView Alternatives
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About: Man can not be separated from nature, knowledge of nature helps people prepare for life better. Weather forecasting is a useful application for you to satisfy that need. Please download our weather forecast app. You will find that today's weather is updated hourly. Weather app also has a weather report for tomorrow's weather, weather for today, also weather forecasts for 10 days. The weather forecast app is a weather channel that lets you manage the weather anywhere with the widget system, a...

Developer: SamandVu

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About: Ultra Accurate Thermometer 1000 is the number 1 thermometer application on the PlayStore. The most accurate thermometer application on the PlayStore! Ultra Accurate Thermometer 1000 is the original and top selling application that turns your Android into a thermometer. This application will tell you the exact outside temperature based on your current location (GPS or WiFi). An animation will show you the current outdoor temperature on an stylish Design. *******************************...

Developer: VHDL

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About: The National Weather Service Channel App for Android and Tablet is your best option for accurate forecasts and timely local weather alerts. You can planning for the day, the entire week or the next 15 days! Leave the house prepared and don't meet bad weather's surprise! Plan your day, arrange your work; so make the most of your day. As soon as you start using National Weather Service Alarms, it shows the National Weather Service forecast for your location. Additionally, it delivers you the...

Developer: Applock Security

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About: What to Wear- Kids is a weather app made for busy families. Designed to help out busy parents What to Wear - Kids, will check your local weather and provide you with a recommendation for what childrens clothing will be most appropriate for tonight and tomorrow. This will let you know what you need to clothe your little angels in for the night or pack ready for the next day. Great customisation features including: - Location setting for over 20,000 cities worldwide. - Customisable temper...

Developer: Geelong Apps

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About: myMeteobridge is a Personal Weather Stations (PWS) Monitor based on the popular solution Meteobridge ( ). The Meteobridge is distributed/saled by: - Meteobridge, only SW, ( ). - AmbientWeather located in the US does sell Meteobridge (HW+SW) as "WeatherBridge" () - Varia Store (HW+SW) as "TP-LINK-TL-MR3020-with-Meteobridge-Weatherserver" (). - AWEKAS (HW+SW) as "Bridge 2" (). - Meteo.cc (HW+SW) as "meteobridge Lizenz" (). - Weatherstation (HW+SW) as "MeteoBridge (). - Elledishop ... Developer: Sonotrigger Software

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About: Just released on to Google Play! Be the first to experience the full power of NOAA weather in your pocket. Comes with beautiful Widgets to rejuvenate any home screen. Sourced directly from National Weather Service, NOAA. For demanding weather watches that are serious about weather forecasts, charts and maps. What features are exclusive to NOAA Weather and Radar App? Exclusive Location finder which uses your current GPS location to get nearest weather information automaticall...

Developer: Mende App


Similar Apps Like KOB 4 Weather New Mexico  Alternatives
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About: The ultimate New Mexico weather app! The KOB 4 Severe Weather App provides your local forecast, hourly forecast, current conditions, interactive radar, and live storm tracking for Albuquerque, Santa Fe and all of New Mexico. Get alerts based on your favorite saved location or the current location of your phone. The KOB 4 Weather App includes: Access to station content specifically for our mobile users 250 meter radar, the highest resolution available High resolution satel...

Developer: Hubbard Broadcasting, Inc.

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About: Funny Weather App Provides You Weather Clock, Weather Stickers, Wetteralarm or Weather Widget For Android! Weather Forecast Real-Time Weather Report, Minute-by-Minute Forecasts, 9 days weather, weather radar, weather details, severe weather alerts, weather widgets and weather lock screen is your best choice to get comprehensive weather information. Weather Radar Forecast: Minute-by-minute & Hourly & Accurate weather forecasts! Live Doppler: Free Live Weather & Clock Widget App for Andro...

Developer: Plant Rog

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About: The KFVS Mobile Weather App includes: * Access to station content specifically for our mobile users * 250 meter radar, the highest resolution available * Future radar to see where severe weather is headed * High resolution satellite cloud imagery * Current weather updated multiple times per hour * Daily and Hourly forecasts updated hourly from our computer models * Ability to add and save your favorite locations * A fully integrated GPS for current location awar...

Developer: Raycom Media, Inc

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About: Every day you can get quick and easy access to weather forecasts for the United States and any other place in the world. Supervised 24/7 by MeteoNews and updated in real time! Our long-time users like the "day at a glance view" and the "10 days panoramic view". Still you can get all the details. - Weather forecast for the morning / afternoon / evening / night - Get your own weather channel when ever you want - Rainfall radar - Value of forecast reliability - Probability of sunshine and...

Developer: ID Mobile SA

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About: The QCWeather App, known for delivering the accuracy and reliability of the Quad Cities' most trusted KWQC-TV6 weather team, has more new features! Now, you can see weather alerts, the First Alert Forecast or powerful radar with an easy-to-use carousel of choices. The free QCWeather mobile app delivers up-to-the-minute weather information wherever you are. Serving Davenport, Bettendorf, Rock Island, Moline, Burlington, Clinton, Muscatine, Galesburg, Sterling, Rock Falls or anywhere in the Qu...

Developer: Gray Digital Media

Similar Apps Like Weather App: Real time live weather forecast Alternatives
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About: Weather app it is a weather application with live weather forecast of local location as well as all over the world. User can use this app as a weather reporter. This application tells both the weather news in centigrade as well as it includes the sunrise, day time , temperature in centigrade , sun set , humidity , wind pressure, rain reports. All of these live weather conditions are been mentioned in our app Weather app. The local weather app gives you a live update of weather for 5 days hourly....

Developer: Play Again Apps



1Weather:Widget Forecast Radar Reviews and Comments:

Very nice except... The radar map has an annoying requirement that you tap the full screen icon before you can interact (zoom/scroll). Lame. Why?
~ Michael Aronow
I honestly think all these weather apps are a large joke. The weather is never right. Like yesterday claimed it was gonna rain today and it was a 80 percent chance but actually this morning it claims today theirs only a 20 percent chance of rain today. Really need a weather app that works not a app that guesses what the weather is gonna be. Honestly I can look outside and have a better prediction of the weather then this app does that's for damn sure. VERY disappointed.
~ Amanda Mandigo
Edit: Dropping yet other star because of the constant pleading for ratings. I love this release, and I've already rated it 4 stars, but I have to drop one because it keeps asking me to rate it again each day. Its an irritating pop-up and of it continues, I will be uninstalling. Another than that, very great release. Looks okay. Radar upgrades a tiny slowly. The widget options are great.
~ Mara Brockman
I revised my rating from 5 runs to 2. This used to be a nice release, accurate for my zone and simple to use, but the most newest modernization no longer displays the forecast. When you click on forecast, if defaults to hourly, not the weekly that it use to. Nothing displays with the hourly forecast and you can't manually change to weekly. I am so frustrated with this modernization, I may be looking for a newest weather release.
~ A Google user
Very battery-efficient for a weather release with alerts. Life saver for storm warnings. Use regularly to plan outings and reasonably accurate for Northern Virginia.
~ Tom Santry
I have tried and paid for each known weather release. None are great but 1Weather is close and a five star release for sure. I only would ask for a dark mode and the ability to create the info shade stats background dark as well.
~ Frank Breyette
I have used many weather apps, but I trust the 1Weather release is the finest by far. I have been using it for over a year actually and have been amazed on how accurate the forecast, including the 12 week forecast, have been. It informs you of severe weather, wind warnings, and flood warnings. It has nice radar. It's just a great weather release. I Highly Suggest It!!
~ Rod Chapman
I depend on this release daily. Finest weather release out there. Simple to understand with many different options for radar, moon phases, times for sun and moon rise and set and more! Alerts, Warnings, watches with information on how much rain, wind or snow to expect. I have 10 different cities on my 1Weather release that I monitor. Please hold up with newest and improve informations. I appreciate that this release does not interrupt with a bunch of banners. I don't have any troubles with destroying or being slow. Thank you!
~ flyinwhitehorse
this is one of the finest apps i have ever come across. i absolutely love it. it keeps me informed on whats happening and i do feel somewhat safer.
~ Shannon Baswell
Newest to 1Weather, but so far it has proven needed. There's an abundance of weather stats, all which has proven accurate to this target.
~ Alicia Harley
Informative. Used to be that I did not quite understand how to add the layers. actually i know the alert status is separate from the layers. took a while, but i'm nice actually.
~ A Google user
I switched over from the weather channel release because, after each modernization it became far worse. This is far easier to use with a much better interface.
~ Jeff Baldyga
nice release more on target then another apps I've test'd. Im in landscapi g so its very important to me and it has more accuracy then the weather channel web page. Check it and search out for your self.
~ Angel Romero
Pretty release and very intuitive but consistently inaccurate. I am currently staring at a thunderstorm with the release claiming we have a 0% chance of rain.
~ Taylor Hindman
Nice accurate release with a lot of weather similar stats. Please, though, contain one essential missing element: Pollen Reports for the zone the weather is being reported about.
~ coffee turtle
Nice release. I have used no another weather release for my device. I've used the 1Weather release for about 4 years and kept the widget on my home screen that entire time. Would highly suggest
~ Michael Vass
I liked the idea you alarmed me to informed me about whether and also sharing with me about how car Insurance companies can over charge you knowing they're out smarter gotta recipients and will do we have to be careful run adding up in our mine asking questions Thank You
~ Mary Beth
cute nice weather release, address from a territory in Arizona that i spend Summers in, itll be 60 outside and the release shows 70-80F. but for my territory in Phoenix, it's very accurate. overall, nice release.
~ Daniel L Alvarez
I'm just getting frustrated. I've been using this release for a long time, it's been my chosen fave. In the last few weeks I've just become frustrated with it...it takes idea too long to modernization actual time. I launch the release and I often have to close and reopen to obtain it to modernization. Radar is painfully slow to populate. This only started in the past several weeks, making me crazy enough that I'm looking for a newest weather release. UGH!
~ Susan Douglas
I paid for the release. I tried to obtain support but all I got was a an correspondence claiming me that their volume of correspondence was too high to deal with my question, and that I could correspondence them again. I want I should obtain a refund but I don't know how.
~ Kevin Buchman
Predictions are garbage. Usually different from each another source. Bright red storms on radar, claims 0% chance rain right actually. I liked the widgets and layout, if only it predicted the weather accurately.
~ Patrick
I'm giving 4 stars right actually since I'm still getting used to this release. It offers more stats than the previous weather release I was using. There's more to navigate and I'm enjoying the stats.
~ Gabriellah's Dancing Heart
I like this release. cause it is simple to place the cities in you wish to know the weather. Simple to use to check the weather. Overall it's a nice weather release.
~ Marie Chafi
was a nice release,,,actually it has so many pop up banners you can't obtain up to the minute stats,,,we were in the path of a tornado, had to download other release just to track the storm
~ carl anderson
Having an trouble for few weeks getting the radar to load. Seems to be stuck trying to load the commercial first. Was never a trouble until banners were placed before radar. Clearing cache did not work. Please fix. Have been using this release for a long time and really like it otherwise.
~ Rollin Brown
This is a very detailed weather release. My only true recommendations are to add a "What to wear" section for it, and also to add a idea to quickly switch the alternate territories in view without having to go back to the settings in the widget.
~ Kodi Boyd
10 times better than the Weather Channel release. simple to use, navigate, and understand. I would rather have this than any another weather release alone for the fact that the radar now loads. nice release!
~ Markus Deutsch
Around 6 months ago, the popup banners increased to 5x what they were before, and around that same time, the radar and forecasts started to be less accurate. What happened?? I loved this release for a couple of years, but have been so disappointed with it lately.
~ Brittany Vaske
Love it! Gives a lot of stats without hogging zone. Only 4 stars though because I prefer my settings on dark screen and I can't see this release in that setting. At least I haven't found a setting that lets me! Major learning curve as this is our 1st "smart device."
~ L R
When I test to review radar it shows the map but no echoes. I need to exit the release and then go right back in to see the echoes display. This is often instantly followed by the release showing a pop-up banner with Trump. I need to close the pop-up to finally see the radar echoes.
~ Steve Canfield
this is missing configurable shortcuts. i know there's one if you click on the clock but it would be nice if you should click on the date to run the calendar. Also one of the widgets is squashed meaning the date and feels like temperature are on top of every another. another than that the release is nice.
~ Anthony Gibbins
I do like 1Weather, only been using it a week actually so lots to experience yet. I'm planning to pay to go banner-nonpaid, although so far the banners have not been bothersome. Give it a test, I've been looking for a weather release I like ever since W Underground went crappy. I think I've found my newest primary weather release.
~ Bruce Ansell
Nice widgets & pull down stats, but for 5 stars, please add a refresh button on the info pull down. I currently have to launch the entire release for that. Then when I clear my newest apps, it seems to turn off auto upgrades in widgets & pull down. While we're talking about info pull down, it would be cool if I had the option for black backgroud/white letters. You have the change letter color option. When I pick white letters, my background is also white, making it impossible to read.
~ Daniel Ryder
NOT ACCURATE AT ALL!!! I don't know where they obtain the stats from, but the temperature for where I live is off at least 10 to 20 degrees. My city is between deserts & mountains, with the over 90% of the population in the desert climate, but the release usually gives the mountain temp, not the main populated zone desert temp. I've sent numerous messages regarding this & no fix.
~ Kelly Sherwood
Any remote territory is off by days. Today is Friday. The release is claiming me that it is Tuesday in a city 35 miles away. Most of the time, the extended forecast only goes 5 days. An upgrade was supposed to fix that yesterday. it did not. The remote trouble is very annoying.
~ Kerric Ray
it works for me, widgets didn't use to work all the time but they're fine actually. radar only has a very short time period, but that probably would give me more accurate stats because i have no concept how storms transport edit: they hold asking me to rate or leave feedback when i already have. im going to take a star off for each time they do so going forward. edit 2: they fixed it, nice work guys and gals love ya
~ Mr.Awesome Cool Guy
modernization 6-3-19: the splash pop out keeps asking me to rate this and its irritating me. I'm lowering my 5 star to 4. hold it up and I'll use other. . It's a cute nice release, very informative and intuitive, I use it few times a day. I'll take this release over the another guys apps any day. I have not had the urge to download any another weather apps, it's very efficient the only complain I have is that it doesn't have the future button on the radar, but really, who can really predict the future LOL
~ Really M
When The Weather Channel changed their release and it stunk, I searched for a newest sleek, speedy, and correct weather release. This is the one! It usually runs smooth. It usually gives me correct and accurate stats and it looks nice. Far and away better than another weather apps out there.
~ Greg Rozenski
why are there banners in the paid ver? should u please remove them? edit: a several hours later banners are still there and to remove banners i have to buy the release again - i reinstalled the release. idk if i have to confirm it in any idea that i purchased the release. edit2: everything is working actually! thank you for ur speedy response!
~ AndroID
The most accurate radar I have found and I am one of those recipients who spend a lot of time monitoring weather. I deeply appreciate this weather release. No weather predictions are very accurate for precipitation but radar allow's you now SEE what's coming.
~ Steve S.